How to Buy a Paid Solo Ad with Confidence

I don’t know why paid solo ads aren’t talked about much in our community.  Over the years I’ve seen very little discussion on this subject.

Perhaps the reasons are about money: a paid solo ad at first glance seem to cost more.

Whatever the reasons, I wanted to write about paid solo ads as an additional method of advertising you might be overlooking because you don’t understand or feel uncomfortable with the process.

My purpose is not to get you to abandon TEs and Safelists. I use both methods extensively.

What I am suggesting is you add paid solo ads to your advertising budget.

What is a paid solo ad?

Let’s start with what it is not.

There is widespread confusion about solo ads in our community. Safelists and some traffic exchanges offer “solo” ads usually as a way to reach their entire audience.

In the safelists and mailer arena, you often receive a certain number of solo ads when you sign up. Typically you can convert credits to purchase more of these ads.

The conversion rates on these types of solo ads aren’t much better than your “send email” at these sites.

That doesn’t make them bad. You need to understand the nature of a safelist or mailer and target your advertising appropriately.

I receive a continuous stream of sign-ups to my optin page using them.

Safelists and TE’s are an everyday continuous promotion.

Paid solo ads are an entirely different beast.

Paid solo ads are purchased from vendors who specifically supply their services.  When you purchase a solo ad from them you buy the click. 100 clicks are the minimum number of clicks you can buy, the only upward limit is your purchasing budget.

A paid solo ad will cost you a minimum of $35 for 100 clicks. Average costs are 40-50 dollars for 100 clicks. Anything less than $35 probably won’t return the quality you should expect.

Conversion rates range from a low of 35% to upwards of 50 %.

The first paid solo ad I ran, converted close to 50%. I receive 45 sign-ups for 45 dollars.

Matthew Graves owner of  Your Viral Mailer suggests you aim for $1.00  per sign up.

Where do you find paid solo ad vendors?

One of the sites I see recommend over and over is:







This site ranks solo ad vendors and gives you a lot of information at a glance.  They scan through Facebook  Solo Ad groups, websites, and solo ad websites. They shortlist ten vendors based on their recent stats then use an algorithm to assign a Magic Score.

Here is an example:

Understanding the numbers

In the sample above the cost per click is 35 cents, so your minimum purchase for 100 clicks is $35.00. With an average conversion rate of 48%, you receive about 48 sign-ups for your 100 clicks. the CPS (Cost per signup) is 73 cents. Depending on your offer you can make money on sales to those signups.

You can also see the “Read Reviews Here” and “Contact Now” links.

Here is what you see when you click the “Read Reviews Here.”

The review link takes you to a Facebook Solo Ads Testimonial Group, of which there are many.

In this case:

Click the banner to go to the site on Facebook





Here is what a typical testimonial looks like:


You can see that 600 clicks where ordered, 680 received (vendors usually give more clicks than your order ) The conversion or optin rate was 40%.

Tier 1: 87%

This means that 87 % of the clicks came from tier one countries, such as USA, UK  or most developed countries where credit card use is standard. This means a higher quality lead, more likely to use their credit card.


Sales Yes! means that the solo ad buyer received sales from his offer. Then you see what the buyer has to say about Richard’s offer.

(I am not promoting Richard Khor here, just giving you an example.)

As you can see, you receive good, very detailed, information from these rankings.

My Favorite Source of Solo As is Udimi.

If you are new to solo ads, this is the best place to start.

First off it is very easy to grade the vendors to your specification. You can sort by price range, % of sales and review.

I recommend that you use at least a 30% sales rank.

The other good thing is that if for some reason the vendor can’t deliver the clicks, you get refunded in the form of a credit by Udimi to use in another solo ad.

Overall, there is good policing at the site which gives you an extra edge of comfort when you are first testing the waters.

>>>Click here to see how Udimi works 

Buyer Be Ware

However, like everything else on the internet, it’s buyer beware. Unscrupulous vendors can fake this information. Check several different sources before making a final decision.

You can also contact the vendor who might suggest changes to your offer or let you know whether your offer will fit in the niche his list is built on. You will mostly be looking for the IM niche.

That’s a lot of information, right?

To get a checksheet of the basic things you should look for I asked  Shane Bost what his main top five suggestions for beginners.

Shane is the owner of TEPays and has recently become a solo ad vendor.

Here’s Shane’s List.

#1 Choose a solo ad seller that you trust, a good seller will work with you to improve your lead capture page and sales funnel if needed.

#2 Always use a simple lead capture page and test it prior to buying clicks.

#3 Track everything. You want to know you got the clicks that you paid for and whether or not your ad performed as expected.

#4 Start small then scale up. I recommend starting with 200-300 clicks to test how the traffic converts with your offer. After 300 clicks you will have a good idea whether you should scale up or not. Make adjustments to your funnel if needed.

#5 Follow up with your leads. This is the most important and profitable thing you should be doing. If you make a few front-end sales, that is great, but the follow up is where you are going to recoup most of the cost of your solo ad.

If you want to get started and try out a couple of solo ad runs, then talk to Shane. He is familiar with TE’s (as he is co-owner of Sitexpolsion)

He understands our niche.

You can find him at TheSoloAdGuy or  The Rock Star Marketing Group

Did this article help you understand the process in buying paid solo ads?


Nick Grimshawe

Two resources you need to run your paid solo ad successfully.

An autoresponder to capture all the new leads you will receive from your ad.

I recommend and use Get Response. Take the free trial by clicking the link below.

Get Response



If you need any help with either resource get back to me at


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  • I attended a webinar lately about solo ads and their merits. Several sources were recommended including Soloadsx. This is the third or fourth time I have had this marketplace recommended, I think I will give it a try on my next launch.

  • Hi Mike,

    Thanks for stopping by. I highly recommend paid solo ads be part of your advertising mix. Now that you’ve heard it at least three times, I think that is the signal for you to test the waters.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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