How to Improve Your Efficiency When Collecting Credits from Safelist and Mailers

The reason I made this email is to help you understand how to work quickly and efficiently with safelist and Mailers to collect credits so you can get your product or service before your readers. In a previous blog post I show you how quickly you can post your ads to safelist and mailers, even if you don’t have one of those fancy sites that do the work for you.

This video assumes you set up a separate account for your safelist with Gmail. It so many cases now you can’t get started with out an email address.

This video is strictly how to. I don’t talk about systems you should set up to make everything you do with safelist as efficient as possible. I’ll talk about that soon.

Enjoy the video and I encourage you to comment in the comment section below the video.



If you missed last’s weeks video on One Quick Tip On Driving Traffic Using Safelists you can see it here.


Last week’s winner for commenting on my blog post  is Dave Hayes. He won 20 100% batteries from CTP!

Nick Grimshawe


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  • Great Video Nick, I use the same method with one exception, there is a nice free addon to google chrome that saves me a bit more time and wear and tear on my clicking finger. It called linkclump and is simple to use and can really help with gaining those credits.

    I actually like to look at the ads in safelist as well as read some of the emails, its a great place to learn from others. When you look at what is being promoted it helps you to select which of your programs you can promote. IE: If I see 10 people promoting program ABC I am certainly not going to waste my credits promoting the same program on that particular day in whatever group of mailers I might be working on that day. Once I started doing this increased my conversion success.

  • Hi Tim
    Thanks for the update on how I collect credits. You suggestion is much appreciated and a wonderful example of how we can easily have blinkers on and how collaboration helps everyone. I usually use Firefox and I’ve had a terrible time with Chrome, a problem I will have to get sorted when I get back to Canada, so I missed that little trick completely. I will work with the add-on and maybe do a new video with your new tip included.


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