How To Put Together Your Perfect Team

I can hear the crowd chanting my name all the way down the hall to my dressing room. Cindy my technical genius is fussing over my mike so it’s in the perfect position to catch my every word, while Bill runs through a few updates on some of the people in the audience.

My stage manager, Alex, is signaling it’s time for me to take the long walk to the back of the stage because Tony Robbins has just about got my audience warmed up to red hot.

It’s tradition for Alex and me to make that walk to the stage together. It’s a quiet time for both of us. His mind is all ready running through the post show tear down.

He’s fanatical about making sure everything gets packed away in proper order before all the equipment is shipped off to our next gig.

I take the time to do some deep breathing while I mentally rehearse those critical first moments on stage.

We climb up to the back of the stage together, we share a brief hug and he is gone. I won’t see him until tomorrow mornings debrief.

I do a last-minute check in the mirror as I hear Tony Robbins calling me to the stage.

For the next three hours, I live the pinnacle of my dream, vividly living in the sacred now moment where there is no separation between me and my audience.

In these three hours, I live my purpose fully.

The next thing I know Cindy is stripping me of my mike and audio pack and walking me back to my dressing room.

Shortly after, I’m in my hotel room, in bed and fast asleep.

At 5 AM I’m up doing my morning routine. At 8 my personal secretary Adam is at my door, briefing notes in hand and a huge mug of Starbucks coffee. Since I manage my businesses on exceptions, he gives me only details on anything unusual, good or bad, as we descend in the elevator.

We have a room booked for breakfast where my entire team of twelve people are gathered for our own dream building session which I designed for our business and for each of them personally. The chatter is intense with lots of laughter scattered in with shouts of greeting all round.

This is my dream team.

I went hunting for and found the best people for each position in my business.

When I started out, my first employee was a virtual assistant in the Philippines.

I repeat this is my DREAM team.

Yes, that’s right.

This is the product of my visualization.

“So, it’s not real Nick?”

Oh yes, this is very real to me. I know their names, their specialties, their personalities, because I’ve created all twelve of them in my mind’s eye. These are the men and women I want on my team as my business grows to require them.

“Aren’t you being a bit premature? I’ve seen your cash flow, you couldn’t afford to hire your grandmother.”

You probably have a voice like that in your head right now. That taunting voice urging you to give it all up to go get a “day job”.

The evidence just doesn’t hold with such a grand vision.

No, and the evidence never will,unless you take action.  That’s why we have tools like visualization.

That’s why it’s important now, while you juggle all the hats in your company because  you are the company, to start creating your dream team.

You could start simply by asking yourself, what’s one job you would love to outsource if money where no object?

That’s where my team building exercises started.

I have this simple job,  copy and paste, that I don’t have time for , yet somehow, I need to squeeze time out of  everyday because even though it’s a simple job, the information gathered from the work is critical for several projects only a few months out.

That’s when I imagined Maria into being. She is a virtual assistant from the Philippines who works for me for about 1 hour a day.

I started off small.

But visualization has a way for getting you swept up in the moment, because each small visualization engenders another, more ambitious one.

I’ve now put the date (for real) on the calendar to hire “Maria”.  She or he may come with a different name, but the job will be the same. I’ve also scheduled time on my calendar to create a short video to show her exactly what to do.

The next team player will be a camera man to record videos I make for my audience, so I can get that professional polish for my products and serviced.

So, you see how it goes.

[Tweet theme=”basic-full”]The magical thing that happens when you visualize an impossible dream: you pull that dream closer to you in time. [/Tweet]

 How to Do This Exercise


Pencils, pens, notebook or scratch paper.

A comfortable chair in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.

A willingness to trust in the process.

Your creative mind.

Your idea about who you would like to hire first.


Mix all together, sit quietly, and record all that flows into you mind.

Do not edit, just record.

Celebrate your result.


Download my Writing Your Idea Scene Exercise to improve your visualization efforts.

Writing Your Ideal Scene


Congratulations you just moved a mountain.


Dream Big, Live Inspired.


Nick Grimshawe






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