How to Set Up Payment Processors at Leased Ad Space


Lesson Two

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So when I saw how Leased Ad Space approached setting up your payment options I thought it was interesting that they stay away from a complete reliance on PayPal. In light of PayPal’s move against most traffic exchanges and mailers this shows a good deal of foresight in retrospect.

The tree payment processors they use are, PayPal, Payza, and Solid Trust Pay.

Since the majority of people are connected through PayPal, I would guess that many might forget about the other two options.

However, there are really good reasons why the other two are included.

To begin with PayPal isn’t available all over the world, and depending on levels of security and trust in some countries it might be easier to get one of the other.

Tip One

I highly recommend that you include all three payment options. Signing up isn’t that difficult and well worth the effort.

You can sign up to Payza Here.

For Solid Trust Pay Here

For PayPal Here

Here is the reason I recommend you sign up to all three.

Quoted from a Lease Ad Space .

While we understand that not everyone can obtain an account at all three of our preferred payment providers, our primary concern is the ease of our new customers in obtaining advertising packages. Most plans such as ours handle problems like this with a process called “changing uplines”. This allows people to purchase a package from a different member when the original member is not able to accept the payment type that the customer is offering.

Unfortunately, this upline change is often permanent. The problem is that this only solves the problem for the initial purchase. Future purchases of higher level packages are made from upline members, and can again run in to the same “seller does not accept this payment method” problem. Instead, our system allows customers to “walk up the line” until they find an upline member who does accept the payment type that the customer can provide. This ensures that payments “stay in the family tree” and provides the most seamless purchasing experience for our customers.

However, it does mean that you can a lose out on a payment if you don’t accept the preferred payment type of your customer. For this reason we highly encourage all members to set up accounts with all three payment providers if you don’t already have them, and configure them in your Leased Ad Space profile.

You can add your payment processor by going to your profile tab in the drop down menu.




If you haven’t joined Leased Ad Space sign up here.

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