How to Use Your Viral Banners to Supercharge Your Banner Advertising

I love banner advertising. I’ve been using banners for years on as many sites as I could find, mainly on safelists and mailers. 

However banner advertising over dozens of sites gets time consuming, complicated and difficult to organize.

Now Matthew Graves has found a solution. House all your banners in Your Viral Banners and then use the link the site creates for you to use where ever you are advertising.

Not only does it save time that way. It tracks your results so you can see what ones convert best and what sites convert best. It will even pause banners that just aren’t getting any hits.

This maximizes and optimizes your results with banners.

I would have gotten around to creating a video to show you how this all works and explain just what you need to do to get set up but…Matthew beat me too it.

Watch the creator and owner of Your Viral Banners show you how to uses his site. 

It’s all part of a master plan you see. It’s called Your Viral Network. 

Then watch the video I made to show you what it all looks like once you are set up. 

Watch the Video Below: Use the Full Screen Icon for Best Results.


Your Viral Banners

Safelists and Mailer Rankings:

Note: I don’t recommend some ranking services as they are base more on popularity not on the hard facts of conversions. You don’t want to use popular safelists and mailers, you want to use the ones that convert.

Get Rich with Jerry is based on Jerry Iannucci’s advertising for the month and shows what sites converted best for him. 

Your Viral Network

Then there is my own reports based on my advertising results from  I created a 20 Top Converting Sites list which I update regularly.

Click here to view My Top 20 Converting Sites.   

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