How to Think with Flip Chart Paper



The quote I used is:

“I am always doing that which I cannot do in order to learn how to do it.”

Source Pablo Picasso

What do you use to get outside of conventional thinking? Use the comment section below.


Nick Grimshawe



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  • Hello Nick! I found you and your blog! Glad to see you are working it with video.
    The quote from Pablo is totally apropos for me today! I can tell I am growing, because
    my space that used to seem adequate has suddenly become smaller!

    I want to go BIG too. My excuses are: It takes too much time
    It takes too much reading/watching/writing notes
    I am not really into learning today
    I am afraid I’ll look/sound ridiculous
    Just writing this down will probably help. Okay, let’s get started!

  • HI Barb, great that you caught up to me. Yes stating your excuses and writing them out will help because they are now in your conscious universe. Now when you think those thoughts, you will go…ahh heck…that’s an excuse. LOL. It’s progress. Keep on trucking.


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