How to Use Safelists and Mailers to Build Your Email List

Below is a webinar I conducted on Zoom to show new internet marketers how to build their email list using Safelists and Mailers. 

Below the video I’ve included links that will take you to the sites I mentioned in the video. 

The video is 30 minutes long so if you can’t watch it in full now be sure to bookmark the page and schedule a time to come back to it.


Watch the Video Below: Use the Full Screen Icon for Best Results.


Safelists and Mailer Rankings:
Note: I don’t recommend some ranking services as they are base more on popularity not on the hard facts of conversions. You don’t want to use popular safelists and mailers, you want to use the ones that convert.

Get Rich with Jerry is based on Jerry Iannucci’s advertising for the month and shows what sites converted best for him. 

Get Rich with Jerry
Any recent “Your Viral” sites owned by Matthew Graves. Once logged in go to Marketing sites tab and click on best converting. This should give you a list of those safelist and mailers converting well for that site. If they are converting for one site it’s a fair bet they are converting for others, like the one you are promoting. 

Then there is my own reports based on my advertising results from  I created a 20 Top Converting Sites list which I update regularly.

Click here to view My Top 20 Converting Sites.   

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