How You Can Live Your Biggest Life

Here is the quote I used from The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller:


What ever you can see, you have the capacity to move toward, and when what you go for is as vast as you can possibly envision, you’ll be living the biggest life you possibly live.

Confusing language and interchangeable terms make the subject of dream building and goal setting challenging. We rush to the task of fulfilling goals before we’ve taken the time to understand our purpose, and before we spend serious time in transforming that purpose into a dream larger than our life.

I’ve talk about this in “5 Barriers to Achieving You Goals”  available by clicking the banner below.

5 Barriers

That will also put you on my list for notification of my up coming seminar on Building Your Huge Dream. In the seminar I hope to help clarify some of the confusion about your dream, and the goals you use to meet that dream.

Think of it this way. The dream is a noun, goals are verbs.

Dream big, Live inspired

Nick Grimshawe
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