I Have Google Eyes 4 U: Indispensable Tools #3

Indispensable Tool # 3


In the arsenal of tools that enhance an online business entrepreneurs productivity and organization Google offers up three indispensable tools that you ought to be using. Two of those tools I’ve been a long time fan of and one is fairly new to me but is now the work horse of my day.


I’m not Mr Tidy when it comes to inbox maintenance. Back in the day when I used my ISP’s email program linked into Outlook, every once in a while the invariable email would come along asking me to clear my inbox and delete unwanted messages because I had exceeded my email account limit.  I went to great lengths to organized folders and  all that rubbish but the simple volume of emails would bury me. Not only that but in my deleting frenzy I would delete emails I critically needed two days later.

Then along came Gmail, and instantly all that stress, and time spent organizing and fretting disappeared.

I rarely delete anything in my email account, it’s just not necessary.

A simple search will bring back to me all the emails under that topic, or by email address. I never lose anything. Well hardly ever.

Creating accounts is simple and easy to have multiple accounts open at once.

For safelist and mailer users…these days you really can’t operate without Gmail.

If you’ve been stubbornly clinging to other providers, let go, ditch your Google hostilities and submit humbly to this huge time saver.

Oh the other indispensable aspect; I can access my Gmail from any platform.

Of course the brilliance of Google applies here as elsewhere. Give away superior products that gain a massive audience and then charge people to advertise on them.


Google Calendar

Darren Orlander does a superb job of explaining how to use Google Calendar to keep track of when to mail out to safelist and mailers. Find the video at Click Track Profit in the upgraded section under List Building Step Six. Here’s a screen shot of how my calendar looks:

I’ve organized each day so that I know when I need to send to that safelist or mailer again. Safelist and mailers I mail to daily I have organized a little differently and I will do a video on that for you all soon.

Again you can create different calendars for different projects or businesses or however else you want. And your link to it is right in your Gmail account.

Since I have trouble organizing my way out of a wet paper bag:

How simple is that?


 Google Drive

When I purchased my new desktop computer recently I discovered that my Microsoft Office suite was only good on one computer! In order to get the Microsoft Office Suite on my new computer the cost  was more than I wanted to afford just then. No problem I have my lap top.

Talk about clumsy. That’s when I saw Tom Wacker reference Google Drive in one of his blog post. A quick follow-up with him convinced me to try it…and wow…who needs Microsoft Office? Well I still do. I use Access and I don’t see anything on Google Drive that duplicates that function. But for simple word docs and spreadsheets…simple as breathing.

I’m now engaged on a huge project to gather all the material for Beautiful Summer Morning blog  and Beautiful Summer Morning newsletter into one place to organize the material in a way that allows me to quickly create e-books and courses from the over seven or eight years of continuous postings. Beautiful. As I add the material I organize it by placing it in folders I’ve named under various topics and subjects.

Re-purposing material is an important productivity advantage than will put you miles ahead of your competitors.


Never  use material only once. Try for a minimum of three times. Perhaps first as a simple post to your blog, next part of an email series on a particular subject and maybe an e-book or e-course following that.

I’ve only just begun to tap the potential of Google Drive.

Google Drive can be accessed from your Gmail account.


Last word on these three tools: free.

What about the other Google products? I still find Google Plus and Hangouts way to complicated to use without blowing a fuse. But that doesn’t mean these tools won’t get easier to use and end up indispensable as well. But the above three I couldn’t, wouldn’t and you shouldn’t try to run your business without .

You’ll have Google eyes too, when you realize how these powerful tools can impact your business.









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  • Amen Brother! Truer words have never been written.

    I don’t know how I functioned before Drive. I really don’t. I was a beta tester for Google Docs and made the transition to Drive the first day it was available. And have never looked back. It’s sharing capabilities are phenomenal, too. It’s probably going to wreck dropbox. It certainly has for me.

    Those are three essential tools. Great post, Nick. Really great!
    Tom Wacker recently posted…Working with WordPressMy Profile

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