I’d Rather Be Naked In Front of a Large Audience Than Do This:


Goal Setting Quarterly Review: First Quarter


I just finished a spreecast (video seminar) (see Link at the end of this post) and by the reaction of the participants I got the idea for my headline.


One of the biggest mistakes you can make when in comes to goal setting is doing a quarterly review to get your bearings and establish new headings if necessary, but also to celebrate any successes and to look failure in the eye and learn from it.


Here’s a quote to get us started:


“Always be willing to adjust your goals as new information come to you”.  source : Joe Vitale (Linked to his article


While you should check goals on a regular scheduled time, there are two key way points: Daily and Quarterly.


Daily review is for current, immediate goals that achieved lead to completion of larger goals.


Where as Quarterly scheduled reviews focus on you longer term goals as a way of accessing how you are doing, where you are, and what adjustments if any you need to make.


When you start a Quarterly review start with definite successes.


State your success, share it with others, and then look at what successful actions got you to that goal.


Next ask yourself what goals you need to reevaluate based on your experience in the first quarter or external changes around you that might make hitting that goal easier or harder to achieve.


Now, confront your failures. Not because failing is bad, it’s actually an important success step, but to learn why you failed and what you can do in the future to avoid making that mistake again. Success is in learning from failure. Failure is a big teacher.


Finally ask yourself is there any goals you need to add. Remember three months have passed since you sat down and made those goals, or since your last review. The world changes, you change, what you once considered vital might seem less important with new information you’ve uncovered.


Your last action is to write out a gratitude list for the first quarter. Make sure you include the struggles that help you grow and mature as a business owner or individual. ( I took the liberty of creating one for you. Just click to download  HERE )


Once you complete that task, the next three-month action plan is ready for you to implement.


See not so bad. Maybe being naked in front of a large audience is over reacting.


Here’s the link to the video seminar. Goal Setting First Quarter Review








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