If You Had Told Me

This morning when I went to log-in to my newly minted membership site I found this horrible message. Bandwidth Exceeded…etc…etc. My mind immediately raced to all those places I’d paid for ads for today. This is despite having unlimited hosting. I wrote my ticket and decided to get on to other things while I waited for Technical Support to get back to me. I then went to log-in to my blog…and there is it was again…bandwidth exceeded…turns out all four of my sites where down.

I tell you this story to illustrate a point I want to make today…and that is: if you had told me last year that I would be having technical issues because I’d have launched a membership site and exceeded my bandwidth I probably wouldn’t have believed you.

If you’d told me last year that I would be closing in on having 1,000 members in my downline at CTP  I would have laughed and said something like “in my wildest dreams.’

If you’d told me I would have blown pass that $2.73 target that Jon Olson talks about you would have stretched my credulity.

Even as recently as September, I put on my goals board for 2014 a target of reaching 650 members in my CTP downline…I’m rethinking that goal now.

My point is that where you are now can seem a long way away from your goals. You might be saying to yourself…one day I will have (fill in the blank). You might even be feeling a little despair or discouragement. I know I sure did…but that is natural. It’s a part of the growth that has to take place inside before it ever begins to show outside.

I didn’t do anything magical along the way. I put my nose down…listened to my mentors and persevered .

As for the mentors…what a wonderful and supportive community we have…and should cherish. Jon Olson everyday pounding his message of plus one into my head with Justin and Tim there to answer questions and show support.  Marcus Wahl who talked to others about the first e-book I produced which gave me the courage to move forward. Andrew Stark for getting me pointed in the right directions and pushing me to create my first e-book  and all the other help he offered. The rest of the Legacy team, Ken and Rodney both encouraging and helping along the way. Barry Langdon, John Novak , Walter Mulder and many more.

And if you’d told me a year ago a wonderful woman named Sunny Suggs would take me by the hand and drag me backward through all the obstacles of learning how to set up and use a membership program…well I won’t have believe that possible.

Has Learn with Nick,  my membership program to help people succeed using CTP, made me lots of money? No…not yet. That’s down the road…but not as far as I might think right now.

And had you told me I would have met an amazing number of people and would call them friends now…I would not have believed you.

Again my point is…your goals are not as far away as they might seem right now.

Listen to the people who tell you what is possible, put your nose down…and don’t look up for a while. Because when you do finally look up again you will find yourself in the unfamiliar territory of your dreams.


Nick Grimshawe

Coming soon to a spreecast near you:  A weekly workshop on planning 2014.



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  • That’s the kind of problem that Jon would say is a good problem to have (though I know it was frustrating to deal with at the moment).

    You have executed a major accomplishment with your program and have every right to be completely proud of yourself. I got my first referral to LWN yesterday and hope to funnel in more in the long term because this is definitely going to be yet another evergreen product as long as CTP exists!

    Congratulations my friend… I can’t wait to see what else you come up with down the road! 🙂

  • Hi Lynn. Yes I am proud for shipping as Seth says. It sure was tempting to keep working it. After giving birth to Learn with Nick other adventures included what happened this morning are nothing by comparison. I didn’t even swear or call Sunny for help. Glad to see you got a referral: that makes me happy…lol. And what’s down the road who knows…but it’s sure to be an adventure. Thanks for your support.


  • I call my site a people helper site, helping others past their problems as well as
    helping them see a new journey in life unfold before them.. Believe in yourself and all else follows, one step at a time… as Nick found out just get started the money and friendship come in as you move toward you goals
    Nick is a great leader and CTP trainer too… he first listens then responds, gets results and helps others learn to best way to succeed in CTP and business too.


  • Yes, Nick, you are still ahead of me. I’ve never exceeded bandwidth…in a perverse way, I look forward to it:)

    You are a great example of ‘get in line, stay in line’, do the next right thing. You have a terrific product in ‘Learn with Nick’, one to be proud of and to grow with.

    Needing bigger goals is a truly great problem to have, even exceeding ‘bandwidth exceeded’. Good on you, my friend.
    Tom Wacker recently posted…Don’t Wait AgainMy Profile

  • Hi Tom, Thanks for dropping by. I wasn’t trying to be boastful…lol. I plan lots additions to Learn with Nick we have only just begun.


  • Hi Steve, thanks for the testimonial. Funny how setting goals and them working toward them step by step works over the long haul. It is so great that you have shown the faith all along…and been here since the very beginning and in a little way getting to share in your journey has been an honor for me.


  • Hi Avak, thanks for your comments. You are a great example of what happens when that connection sparks. Love having you on board.


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