In My Dream I Heard the Horn of Valere Calling

Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Early Monday morning I sat in bed reading the last chapters of “A Memory of Light” the 14th and final book in The Wheel of Time series written by Robert Jordan and completed after his death by Brandon Sanderson.


The first book in the series “The Eye of the World” first published in 1990 when I was a young 41 years old. Since then I have followed the series across a huge canvas of time , caught up in the a world of rich fantasy, where the forces of light and darkness fought a running battled that spanned 24 years.


So Monday morning around 7 AM at an age approaching 65 I put the last book in the series down with a sigh and a tear.


I came back to that world 14 times, to be fascinated each time by the creative power of the human mind.


The series took well over 4 million words to write, and had a vast cast of characters, most of which reappear  in the last book.


Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time isn’t the only world I’ve gone to live in for a while.


Some of my best vacations have come at the cover price of a book.


So much of what has moved me and shaped me  came from between the covers.


The creative process itself astounds me.


How out of nothing, a human mind can imagine a vastly different world and people it and bring it to life.


The most amazing thing of all is that we all do this, every day of our lives.


We create the world we live in.


We people it with a vast array of characters.


We face epic battles, over come great odds.


Yet we rarely recognize our own creative genius.


We disparage our power.


We hide our light.


We withhold ourselves  from being all the things we can be out of fear and trepidation.


But when the Horn of Valere sounds to call all the heroes past and present to fight for the forces of light in the final battle, you are being called as well.


You are a hero.


You just haven’t thought about it much, just like any true hero.







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  • Ahhhh, Nick. What a wonderful post.

    I’ve not read the ‘Wheel of Time’ series, but I have my favorites, too. Arthur C Clark or Robert Heinlein probably started it, but my favorites include Steven King’s Wizzard and Glass series and JRR Tolkein’s Hobbits. I too, am astounded by the creative ability.

    I really like how you brought it back to ‘be an every day hero’. That’s really good stuff…
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