Is This Journey Worthy of Your Heart and Your Soul?



On my desk as I write this to you, are three books, 2 issues of Success magazine my journal, a CD a calculator and a pencil box full of colored pencils, various pens, highlighters and a pencil sharpener, oh and a whole other stack of books, eight to be precise waiting to go into my book database. And to confess in the bathroom is another issue of Success magazine.

So why do I tell you all that

It’s not that I’m bragging about all the reading I do, I do a lot of reading, it’s that I want to delineate how my list might be different from some other list you’ve joined. I’m not saying my list is any better than someone else’s but that it is different

I don’t know if you remember this trend, but when I grew up (a long, long time ago) identical twins dressed in identical outfits. Right down the road from us lived a couple who were very prolific in producing twins. Each day, 3 set of twins got on our school bus…each set dressed in matching clothes.

Everyday as they boarded I use to roll my eyes to the heavens and thank my creator that I was born single.

I’ve never been one for conformity which along the way caused me no end of difficulty especially with my parents who thought fitting in was better than standing out.

Which brings me all the way back to my desk and what’s on it right now because it speaks to who I am  and what you might expect from me and how I hope we connect and build a relationship which makes us both stronger.

My purpose in life, just so you know, is to inspire you to discover your unlimited potential. And if you don’t believe your potential is unlimited stick around awhile… and explore with me.

I want to tie a few threads together here before I tell you about three things I do every morning when I sit down to start work….so what ever time that might be for you.

One of those things is Seth Godin’s blog, but I will get to that in a second. First however, I want you to listen to what Seth Godin says about art in his groundbreaking book “The Icarus Deception”.  Seth Godin says we are all artist. “Art is what we do when we’re truly alive.”

“Art isn’t a result: it’s a journey. The challenge of our time is to find a journey worthy of your heart and your soul.”

Is this business journey you are on, worthy of your heart and your soul?

A question to reflect upon as you journey.

In other words, this business needs to be something for your heart and for your soul, something more than an idea of making a few extra bucks.

Then art…creation. It’s what business is about after all.

Now put that together with this:

“The unknown is the only place where you can create–you cannot create anything new from the known.,” Dr. Joe Dispenza from “You Are the Placebo”

So if you aren’t out their…no art….no business. Scary right?

Joe Dispenza also says: “Most of us have been conditioned to run from the unknown, so now we have to learn to become comfortable in the void of the unknown, instead of fearing it.”

It follows then, that as business people to stay in the mix of creation, ideas, and exploration, we need to stay in the unknown. Yikes.

Here are three things I do once I sit down to go to work each day. They are simple things, that don’t take much time, but they do tend to push you back off the shore of the familiar back into that vast void of the unknown.

  1. I subscribe to Seth Godin’s blog and read it every day. The posts are usually short, but brilliant , thought invoking insights. Gas for the engine, sort of speak. This link is both a sample and a place to subscribe:
  2. The next place I go is Darren Hardy’s Daily Mentor…this can take a little more time but the insights and coaching are invaluable, and they are free. He won’t let you come up for air… you just have to learn to breathe water. Go subscribe.
  3. Finally I check to see if I have an email from Brian Johnson. He is on top of all the best books to read, gives good synopsis and quotes from the author which usually included a video, which I rarely get time to watch, I pick and choose here. Again he throws you into a river of creativity, insight, and cognition. Go here:  a pop up will come up so you can sign up for the daily notes and some neat free gifts.

Of course you can elect to stand on familiar ground and wear the same clothes as everyone else, or you can throw of the shackles and standout.

Your job and mine,


Create, Live, Love,


Nick Grimshawe.

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