How to Keep Sign Ups Coming Using Multiple Landing Pages

Using Multiple Landing Pages

“I’ve only got one and it’s not converting.”

There are three aspects of Landing pages I want to cover with you today.

  1. Doing what everyone else is doing.
  2. Taking the road less traveled and creating your own.
  3. Why you need more than one.
Doing what everyone else is doing.
Doing what everyone else is doing.

Where’s Mary?

Before we start talking about using multiple landing pages we need to talk about why you need them and why they should be unique.

Here’s a simple test you can do right now to prove my first point.

Go to your favorite safelist or mailer, and open a least ten ads in your browser. Chances are you will see several landing pages. If something new has been released you will see that same page multiple times.

So no matter who posted the ad, the talking head is usually the owner or a spokes person for the owner of the program.  Which means, if you are Joe Doe, paying for credits, or spending time to earn them, to post this kind of landing page, you are actually paying to promote and brand the owner not yourself.

Your voice, is nowhere to be found. If you are lucky your face might seem in a small square on the landing page.

Why would you want to do this?

Well it’s easy isn’t it. You grab your URL, take the swipe copy someone else wrote, and paste in the little square where you need to put your target URL so people see …a generic ad that does nothing , zero , nada for your branding or growth. You fade into the crowd. It’s the luck of the draw if anyone clicks on your ad.

Perhaps you feel you don’t have the skills required.

Self Confidence


With today’s technology just about anyone can create a good-looking landing page with a bit of practice and analysis of other landing pages you find attractive.

There are many other excuses why we can’t.

Perhaps some of these twelve excuses sound familiar.

12 Best Excuses for not Doing Homework

Taking the road less traveled and creating your own.

So few people actually do this it boggles my mind.

What are the barriers to creating your own landing page?





With a bit of work all these barriers can be quickly overcome.

As an example: I use Landing Page Monkey almost exclusively to design my landing pages. It’s easy to use. The design helps conversions. Once you’ve designed a couple of pages its fast to bang out landing pages.

The program cost 37 dollars a year the last time I checked and occasionally the owners run a lifetime special.

Let’s see now. Thirty Seven dollars divided by 365 days equals:

.10 cents a day

.71 cents a week.

$3.04 cents a month 

Click here to purchase your copy and get 30 minutes of coaching on using the system for free from me!

If you really can’t afford that solution and have a WP blog, watch this video to learn how to make a landing page on WP for nothing…well cost of hosting and maintaining a URL.

How to Make a Squeeze Page Using  WordPress.

Having your own lead capture page means you stand out. Since barely anyone else is doing this your going to stand out like a purple cow in a snowstorm. You are going to start the process of branding and growing that know like and trust formula for selling.

Just imagine going the extra mile and making a video for your landing page.

Holy purple cow batman!

Why you need more than one.

Using multiple landing pages gives you another edge.

Because of the constant jabber for your attention,  attention spans have shrunk significantly.

See:  You Now Have a Shorter Attention Span Than a Goldfish


You have my full attention.

So eventually that masterfully designed and converting landing page will get a little tired. When that happens to a landing page the solution is the same for it as it is for you. Rest.

That’s when using multiple landing pages pays off in a big way.

You just tap the next one in your arsenal and get it into rotation without missing a beat.

You might simply use a different headline and video for the same program, or advertise another one of your own lead magnets to keep those names rolling into your list.

Once the goldfish has forgotten the landing page you are resting you can quietly reintroduce it for another run.

That’s why I use Landing Page Monkey to create multiple landing pages it’s fast and easy and I can even clone a landing page to make it easier to  create a new one using a similar design or to quickly change a headline.

If you would like to go deeper into this subject send and email to  I have the ability to tailor a program specifically for you.


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