Know Like and Trust

Know Like and Trust

Know Like and Trust

Internet Marketing Lesson 3

The common keywords for Branding and relationship building are know, like and trust. This is your goal: to get the people you connect with online to know you, like you, and then trust you. Trusting is the sweet spot.

This runs counter to what many new marketers expect. Lots of people believe that you can hide yourself online and make money without talking to real people. You might be one of those people. Many people feel that they don’t need a profile picture because marketing on the internet is completely different and impersonal. Nothing is further from the truth.

The first step  in branding are simple yet so many people resist doing this.

Step one  in Branding:

Post a picture of yourself, preferably a face shot and associating that picture with your name. The more professional the photo the better. You want people to have that first good impression of you. Posting photos that look like you just woke up from a week-long binge won’t help you.

Now as people sign up to your programs because they saw your angelic smile, or your ruggedly handsome face, you will need to talk to them. Yes, carry on a conversation. Most sites will have messaging systems you can use for this, or there are plenty of other options.

In the start here section of my website I walk you through what programs to use. Show you how to interact with your clients and many other useful tips and tricks, but for now, I just want you to be prepared for what lies ahead.

Second Step in Branding

Another mistake many new internet marketers make is being all things to all people. When I started I did that. Eventually I got wise and started to build my identity around one program. This is called building deep not wide. This way when they see your picture and name associated with a certain program over time, you build a “brand” in the mind of those people you want to attract to your business.

Don’t worry too much about how to accomplish this.  I’ve written a ton of articles on this and will gladly share them with you. The point is you need a step by step process to build that brand image. After all the big brand you know and trust today took years to build that image.  Here’s an article about what would happen if the people I talk about as those faceless nameless marketers showed up in our offline world. My Horrible Experience at the Grocery Store

Name a brand you love. Likely the logo for that brand will pop into your mind. That is your aim with everything you do with your marketing.

Third Step In Branding

I call this the meet and greet. We do this a  little differently online. These days social media such as Twitter or Facebook are just part of making a connection and building a relationship. Most programs have internal message systems for you to take to people who have followed you into a program. Skype is another tool as a way to make a connection and chat about what you are doing, what you love and what you are passionate about.

You learn more about these steps later but I wanted you to understand that this is not a place you can go and sell stuff without putting yourself on the line.

Internet marketing is one of the quickest ways to create a business for little overhead that the world has seen up to now, but you still have to create a brand, build relationships and get people to know like and trust you.

If you are ready to start go here.

However tomorrow I’m sending another email outlining some of the programs you will be using to build your business online, and showing you how to keep in all in perspective.

See you tomorrow.

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