Launch Bandwagons and How they Endanger Your Business

courtesy of Denis  Jarvis

courtesy of Denis Jarvis

Yesterday morning as I set out to work on my main task for the day, writing my newsletter for Beautiful Summer Morning, I noticed, in the short time I allotted to reading emails, a flood to similar looking subject titles all lauding a new mailer…I think it was a new mailer. A quick scan showed me at least 25 emails calling my attention to this launch.

Every time I see this phenomena I’m taken aback. Did I miss some essential tip in my training? Did I miss hear Jon Olson on TELive? Why does it look so much like a herd of buffalo heading over a cliff? Who teaches this stuff?

How does this help your business?

What will another mailer do for you that the last one didn’t do? Does it reach a new audience or largely draw from the same members as the last mailer, (TE, Safelist etc.)?

Here’s the thing. You scramble to sign up to the new site. You grab a done-for-you splash page because you really don’t have time to make one yourself if you want to beat the herd to those email doors.

You plug in some credits across a plethora of Traffic Exchanges, and other Mailers, hit send and wait for those referrals to roll in. Maybe you even offered some XP as a reward, and even more if they upgrade.

Your return is a few signups and perhaps some commission payments.

But what did it really do for your business?

Did you stand out or get lost in the herd mentality?

Did you expand your audience or where you swimming in the same pool as everyone else?

Did you show integrity and care for your potential referral by ensuring what they signed up for actually delivered the goods?

Most important of all…did you build your own list or with your time and money build another person’s list?

I can hear you raise your voice with objections.

“Everyone else does it.” That makes you stand out?

“I’ll miss out.” Really…have you done a real Return on Investment analysis?

“TimTech does it.” “The Legacy studs, and lovely woman do it.” “Darren Olander does it.”

You know about apples and oranges right?

The three examples above have large primary businesses they own and operate. Do you? They get to mail to a huge audience that they have built up through their programs. They own their lists…do you?

So what do you do?

Build your own list or at the very least build a list in a program that lets you communicate to all your referrals at the same time; Kore4 which includes the CTP list builder, Cash Surfing Network are two of the best.

You need an auto responder, pure and simple. Rocket Responder is good, Ontraport is my AR of choice.

You need to go out and buy for an amazingly cheap on-time-only price Landing Page Monkey.

Use Traffic Exchanges, Mailers and Safelist as the resources they are intended to be to advertise your list. Don’t waste credits advertising one TE on another, promote your list.

Don’t go over a cliff in a bandwagon. It’s hell on your medical bills.

Do the one thing we are all condition not to do… be different. (That doesn’t mean showing your profile picture upside down, or doing a Marcus by jumping off a ladder.)

Go here and read this and do the actions: Work Harder on Yourself.

And maybe pin this up on the wall somewhere. “You will never miss out by not running with the herd.”

With Love

Nick Grimshawe
The Boy with a Beautiful Summer Morning
Owner: Learn with Nick
Poetry of the Heart
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  • Yay Nick. A great and courageous post.

    Yes. You are correct. What does it really get you? In the end, not much.

    I support friends. People that I know, like and trust. Go figure. If you send me a mail about a new program I will look very closely at it. 40 emails in an hour? Not so much.

    Thanks Nick. Well done.
    Tom Wacker recently posted…Mentor of MineMy Profile

  • Hi Nick,

    To be fair I think Darren did a great job and the site will be excellent, but the way people promoted it was a little bit rubbish.

    I sometimes use copy & paste messages to get people in the correct mindset when they reach the salespage, and it has done better than some of my attempts.

    But as for mailers I generally find them a hard sell, and as I didn’t have the time to take up my JV offer I decided to pass. I’m sure that if someone is still promoting in a few months time I will join, but like you I ignored and deleted a few people who put in little to no effort.

    Andrew Stark recently posted…It’s Time To Release Your Inner CapitalistMy Profile

  • Definitely don’t want those medical bills. . .


    It’s times like this that I’m reminded of the Lily Tomlin quote,

    “The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.”

    Like you, I already had a plan for the day and work to get done. I passed on the shiny ball and felt good to be able to cross the things off my list that were on the days plan.
    Marian Gurowicz recently posted…Time to Breakout the PopcornMy Profile

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