10 Easy Tips for Writing Your Own Lead Magnet in Two Hours or Less

Writing your own lead magnet sounds intimidating.

You probably get nervous when anyone talks about writing.

Am I right?

I want you to set aside your public and high school trauma around writing.

I love to write, always have, but most of my teachers (thank you Mr. Davis for keeping writing alive for me) seemed to have a knack for turning the fun into enforced drudgery.

Your teachers may not have believed in you but I do. You can write especially if you choose a topic you know and love.

More than that, it doesn’t have to take weeks and months.

You can create a lead magnet in a couple of hours of focused work.

Why you should create your own lead magnet?

There are tons of lead magnets out there. Many of them are top-quality products.

Because most people think writing a lead magnet is difficult they use other people’s lead magnets.

I use those reports too.

Standing Out

However, having your own lead magnet(s) helps you stand out. Your magnet is unique, inspired by your own personal experience.

No one else will have a report quite like yours.

Being unique has huge value in the marketing world.

Your own lead magnet helps you stand out from the crowd.

You are in control of branding your own image, including logo, photo, name and what makes you worth following.

Even if all you ever do is write one of you own lead magnets, you will be way ahead of most of your competition.

Below is an easy to follow formula for writing your own lead magnet in two hours of less.

10 Easy Tips

1 Research a Topic.

Research a Topic

The best place to find your topic is to ask yourself what problems you needed to solve when you first started in your niche.

The aim of your research is to find out what immediate problem you can solve for people in your niche.

List out what you struggled with when you started.

Then use Google, YouTube, Facebook, and other online resources to find articles and comments on your topic.

Pay close attention to the comments section looking for what questions people ask.

Don’t worry if your topic is something others have tackled a million times. You are going to bring your unique experiences and insights to your report in away no one else can. No one else has your set of experiences.

Once you have your topic you are ready to write your report.

2 Keep it Short.

Keep It Short

You are not writing your doctorial thesis here. You want a short 2 or 3-page report or Checksheet. People don’t want to spend hours learning how to solve their entire life. They want a quick concise solution to an immediate problem.

3 Your Headline is Critical


Before you write a single word of your report, take time writing your attention-grabbing headline. I cheat by using this great report created by Copy Blogger which offers you headline formulas where you just plug-in your topic.

Click the link to get your own copy of: How to Write Magnetic Headlines

Once you have you headline you are ready to finish your report.

4 Create an Outline

Create and Outline

Are you getting that uncomfortable feeling associate with your school years of being forced write reports and outlines on things you had absolutely no interest in?

I get that. I loved writing but I hated writing about a topic dreamed by my English teacher.

This is a topic you are interesting in.

Create your outline is simple.

List out 3 to 10 subtopics your want to cover in your report of Checksheet.

Your free to follow the formula I use in this report.

Once you have your subtopics you have the main part of your report written.

5 Flesh Out Your Outline

Were you terrible with English grammar? Do you remember having to parse a sentence? I know it scared me for life.

You don’t have to worry about that.

Use a Word or Google Docs. They will do the heavy slogging for you.

In a few short sentences elaborate on your header.

That’s it.

Your report is written, now it’s all about packaging your report.

6 Add Visual Elements

Add Visual Elements

If you have a logo use it. You can get a logo created at Fiverr for as little as $5.

Add photo to illustrate a point. You can get wonderful free photos at Pixabay Its my go to place for all my photo needs.

I also use Pablo if you need to overlay a photo with a headline or a quote.

7 Include Your Contact Information

If people enjoy your report they will want to share it with friends.

You need to have a place for your contact info, probably at the end.

Make sure you include your website URL if you have one.

8 Proof Your Document

Proof Your Document

Spellcheck won’t catch everything. I have a habit of leaving off “ed” to works, and mixing up “my” and “by” and a host of other pit falls.

Try reading your report out loud slowly.

And I know this seems strange; send a sample copy to your own email address and read it there. You’d be surprised how many mistakes I catch that way.

9 PDF your report.

This is easy to do.

In Word or Google doc, go to print and print as a PDF doc.

A PDF report will be created. Save this and your basically ready to go.

10 Create the Landing Page for Your Report.

This is last point can become another report to help people solve the problem of building responsive landing pages for lead magnetics.

I use Landing Page Monkey for creating most of my landing pages. It’s easy to use, has great “how to” videos and hosts your pages for you.

Check out Landing Page Monkey Here

I wrote this as a blog post as you see it here in less than two hours.

With a little tweaking you will be seeing this as a lead magnet shortly.

As you can see by the last point, I know have the topic for my next lead magnet.

Writing your first report will be challenging because you will be working against all those self limiting beliefs you’ve accumulated up to this point in your life.

You can do this.

I remember one man, an authority figure in my life, telling me I would never be a writer.

That weighed on me for the longest time.

Don’t let anyone do that to you.

You don’t have to be a writer to create a valuable lead magnet that others will want to give up their name and email address to read.

You just need to have faith in your ability to do it.

What topic will you right about?

I’d love to see the lead magnet you create.

Don’t be shy if you get stuck let me know.

I’m here to help.



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