Learn Integrate and Demonstrate

Learn Integrate Demonstrate

Learn Integrate Demonstrate

Internet Marketing # 5

Since most people don’t arrive to internet marketing with products and services of their own affiliate marketing  is a logical place to start, and many internet marketers continue in that capacity without ever creating their own products and still make a good income.

It took me six years of learning before I launched my product.

So don’t worry about creating products, writing emails, all that sort of thing. For the first little while your job will be to learn the basics. Then as your learn and grow (it’s a process) and you get more comfortable with what you are doing, you will begin to develop your own style online.

The best products to recommend to others are what the industry refers to as “evergreen”.

Evergreen are products that people need to use time and time again in building their business. As an example, once people subscribe to an autoresponder or CRM (customer relationship management) they will use this site for the rest of their time on line.

There are two reasons for this. One: people are creatures of habit and once they learn a system they are reluctant to change. Each Autoresponder is structured differently. So it’s easier to stay with the beast you know than the one you don’t.  Two: Transferring your clients from one system to another is a headache of major proportions so you tend to stay where you are.

That means they pay a monthly fee and you receive a monthly commission for recommending that program to them. Other sites like this include a tracking system for your advertising. I’ve been using the same one for years. A program that creates personalize advertising pages to use to attract subscribers is another one that marketers need on an ongoing basis.

I show people how to build up their system one step at a time so they don’t get overwhelmed which is one of the biggest reasons people fail on-line. The learning curve can be way too steep and thus becomes a barrier to further study as well as becoming a barrier to success.

Other affiliate programs that do well are learning site which include text and video instruction, ( I’ve created a learning site to help people maximize what they do online)  online courses, eBooks that teach strategies, and self or personal development products.

Just remember what it was like on your first day of school, then imagine if they gave you the course outlines from grade 1 to grade 8 all at once. Yikes.

Too many marketers throw way too much at people without making sure people fully integrate each step and why they should use it.

My big mistake when I started, and it cost me lots of money I didn’t need to spend, and a lot of wasted time, was to try to do it all right away.

So my mantra is “one step at a time, learn, integrate, demonstrate before added another step”.

Then learn, integrate and demonstrate again before you step forward again.

This is why I’m not recommending any specific product to you in this series. I want you to get grounded first before I started suggesting products and a course of action.

So just two email left.

I want to go into this things call advertising and traffic in the next email, then the last email will  wrap up  what’s been covered and suggest a way to get started.

Thank you for sticking with the process. By getting this far in the series you’ve demonstrated an important attribute that all marketers look for in those they work with…teach-ability. It’s a rare commodity.

Pat yourself on the back, and tune in tomorrow.

If you can wait!


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