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Wednesday, February-12-14
Learn with Nick Press Release
Learn with Nick is pleased to announce that Sunny Suggs and Tom
Wacker are the newest recipients of the Learn with Nick CTP
Ambassador Badge
“When I created this badge I wanted it to represent a level of excellence that
embodies a spirit of service to others in our online community by freely
giving of their time to answer questions, help and encourage others to find
success as online entrepreneurs while showing patience and good will.”
Sunny Suggs
certainly fulfills the role of a Learn with Nick Ambassador. She
is well-known and respected in the community for encouraging and helping
people create websites, and blogs to showcase their talents. Sunny goes way
beyond the call of duty to help those of us less technically inclined mortals
who run afoul of some nasty piece of code. I know “Learn with Nick” would
never have happened without Sunny’s help.
Tom Wacker
is well-known in the community and one of its foremost
bloggers. Tom is always out there in chat’s, blogs, forums, and spreecasts
offering help and encouragement to many.
Along with Sunny, Tom created the special update blogs for the Badge Hunt
promotions sponsored by TimTech. They put in many hours each Badge Hunt
to keep us all informed and encouraged and hunting.
Nick Grimshawe


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