Let Go and Learn to Fly: The Pat Flynn Story

Let Go Let Go by Pat Flynn stands out from many of the business and personal growth books I’ve read recently.

If you aren’t sure who Pat Flynn is, he is the master mind behind Smart Passive Income.  He is best known for his podcast  Smart Passive Income Podcast and Ask Pat.

I’ve followed Pat Flynn for over a year now so I couldn’t wait to read his book.

Let Go has a double meaning. Pat Flynn narrates his journey from being let go from his job as an up and coming architect but it also details how Pat Flynn met the challenges of entrepreneurship by letting go of inherent beliefs that showed his progress.

What makes the book so readable is Pat Flynn’s authentic voice which makes him completely relatable.

Even if you aren’t even close to being in his league it doesn’t matter, I recommend this book. As a marketer his story offers anyone working to grow a business online unique insights.

As I talked about in last week’s post How to Break Job Mindset Habits and Find Success Pat Flynn traveled the same path from a job mentality to developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

From Let Go to Letting Go

We’ve all experienced the fear, of being let go from our jobs. For many of us that fears comes as a double kick to the gut because of our sense of failure.

In my corporate job that fear rolled around in March each year.  With the profit and loss finalized out came the ax.  The money crunchers began to look to cut the budget.

Would it be me this year?

In the end I pulled the plug. No longer happy or satisfied with my job. Worn down by the constant stress of trying to satisfy every vice president at head office I took early retirement. I let go of that financial safety net.

I am happy I did. While the income crashed my happiness and my sense of freedom rose in counterpoint.

Whether that is part of your story or not, it is common place these days.

Pat’s Journey

The first part of the book Let Go is about Pat Flynn’s journey from being let go from a job and a career he loved.  During those trying day when he knew his job was ending  he still had to report to work everyday. That meant a long commute on the “death train” as Pat first refers to it.

Yet through his story you begin to witness his transformation. When he turned to listen to podcasts on those long train rides everyday, instead of staring vacantly out the window, the change of mood is obvious.

As he begins to find his way online he realizes that his new direction rewarded him more than his work as an architect. When Pat’s old boss calls him to come back to work  Pat  realize his commitment  to his new life. He politely declined the job.

One of the big things he learned during that part of his journey is the power of networking and connections. He advises people to ” meet, speak and become friends with as many people as you can.”

The second half of the books is his journey from “The Madness to learning understanding his role as the CEO of his business.

There is so much knowledge contained in  his stories, his trials, and his success; enough to inspire anyone who wants to learn, grow and become their best possible self.

The Quotes

Here are some  quotes from the book. I hope will give you the full flavor of Pat Flynn and convince you to go out and buy his book.


You can’t predict the future, but you can create it. The better you define what you want to create the easier it’ll be to work backward from that and understand what actions your need to take to get there.


“…the very first thing I’d suggest you do is simply to provide a service. Freelance. Use your skills to serve a group of people who need what you can provide. Maybe you’re a writer, or a designer, or a product manager–whatever it is, there are people out there who need what you have to offer.


Mastering the art and science of online business is about more than simply running a business. It’s about constantly learning, growing, improving, building relationships and taking care of yourself.


Things will happen that you can’t control, but there are lots of things you can control, and meditation and mindfulness can help you become aware of the distinctions. 


Often, the things we resist are the things that could have immense value for us, but they’re just not what we’re accustomed to, or because they represent the change and growth we’re afraid to experience.

A really good easy read with lots of wit and wisdom to make for a very enjoyable reading experience.

What do you have the hardest time letting go of? 

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