It’s all About Trend Mails: List Building Report For June 2018

list building report graphWelcome to my fourth list building report. This one for June. We had a great month in June mainly because of an excellent solo run just before the end of the month. Overall we  added 177 new people on our list.

On the left, you can see the graph of my list sign-ups over 4 months of  my feature list building report.

You could call that a normal trend, with a slow monthly increase every month so far.

So far no sign of a summer slowdown.


My List Building Report for June 2018

The purpose of this monthly report is not to intimidate but inspire. If I can do this so can you. I want to show you that anyone can build their list with the right tools.

What you need to build your list. 

These are the basic tools of list building.

An autoresponder. I use Get Response.

A way to create a lead capture page which captures potential subscribers names. This can be one you create yourself or ready-made pages. I use Landing Page Monkey.

Lead Capture Page

This month I have a new resource to add for lead capture pages. You can now use the Lead Magnets at Your Viral List to build your list. These are professionally created reports with high converting Lead capture pages all ready for you…no fuss.

There are over a hundred reports to select from and use.

Click here to Join Your Viral List


And Traffic.

That’s where this report focuses. As I find new ways to generate traffic I will pass them on to you.

Currently, I use two methods to grow my list.

High Converting Safelists and Mailers

Paid Solo Ads

I will report on each separately.

It’s important to remember that your results will vary from mine due to many factors. You can, however, use the information in a general way. The sites that are working for me will probably work for you.

What you should take away from this is also the importance of doing your own tracking.

I highly recommend for its ease of use and excellent analytics.

Click the image below to get your 30-Day Free Trial.

List Building Report Overview

This month, as I said, I added 177 new names to my list. If I continued at that pace for a full year I would add 2,124 new names to my list.

I want you to think about that. If you started out today and followed what I do you could have a list of over 2,124 names in twelve months. You would be able to do a lot with a list of that size.

The numbers break out this way.

MarketingFrom Safelists and Mailers, I brought in 87 new names.

48 Dual Squeeze Sign-ups (Last month 65) so definitely down from last month.

34 Your Viral Network

5 Other (mainly from my own lead magnet landing pages).

For a total of 87 up from last month at 74.

I had ninety sign-ups from two good solo ads. (More about this later in the report.)

49 sign-ups for Dual Squeeze.

41 for Affiliate Clones

From the result, you can see you can build a list just using safelists and mailers. 
Lead Capture Page

One of the Dual Squeeze Pages I created.

The important thing to note is not to advertising too many offers.

For June I again focused on Dual Squeeze with an occasional break to promote a Your Viral Network Launch.

My paid solo ads focused on Affiliate Funnel Clones and Dual Squeeze.

That’s it.

I didn’t promote any other programs.

It’s one of the biggest mistakes I see. People trying to promote a large number of sites figuring something is bound to stick.

You are better to keep what you’re promoting very limited and then focus all your advertising on one or two programs.

Safelists and Mailers

Like last month, I had 35 Safelist and Mailers produce at least one sign-up for me in June.

The focus was Dual Squeeze where, as an upgraded member, I can create an unlimited number of Lead Capture pages.

I put the best of those LCPs into a rotator so prospects aren’t seeing the same ad all the time.

Top 7 Safelist and Mailers for May 2018

I will get to the list in a moment, however, I want to share the big news this month. Trend Mails did it again. It’s the second month on top of my highest converting safelists and mailers. So a shout out to Clare Bowen and her business partner for doing such a great job.

In case you missed it I did an interview with Clare Bowen.

Click here to go to the interview. 

Mailer or SafelistHitsUnique HitsRatioSignups
Trend Mails82963 %1.3311
Free Advertising For You160980%0.6210
Big Mailer40158%2.249
Herculist 25268%1.594
Legneds Mailer46646%0.864
Mister Safelist 25961%1.544
State of the Art Mailer 20475%1.964

This month we welcome Big Mailer to our best-converting list for the first time.  It’s a mailer you can send from every day.

Click here to add Big Mailer to your list building arsenal 

Click to view the full list (3 pages, 35 sites).

The Method

I received those signups by following a daily action plan of promoting only one program to those top converting sites. Some of the sites I’m upgraded in, and in others, I do the daily work of reading mail to earn the credits so I can send to as many people as possible.

I also experiment with new sites and track the results. Any that don’t produce a signup after using them for a couple of weeks get discarded.

So there isn’t any magic to list building, just the steady consistent working of the plan.

One point I’d like to make comes from Matthew Graves in a recent email, and it really applies to getting this method to work for you.

You have to be all in on making this work.

“The most common problem that I have seen with those who struggle online is the fact that they are not “all in”.
This is especially a problem with those who are trying to start a “side hustle” to make a little extra money in their spare time.
They don’t “have to succeed” so they don’t put enough effort in.  They don’t take enough risks or try enough new things to get the breakthrough that they need.”
If you go all in on a daily basis you will grow your list. My results prove it.

 Jerry Iannucci writes a monthly report as well. I always pop over and take a look at his list. Jerry uses the facts, just as I do here.

Click here to read Jerry’s report for June

My List Building Report on Paid Solo Ads

I use Udimi for all my solo ads at the moment.

There is a good reason for this. All the solo ad sellers are rated. You can then search according to what you are looking for. The sellers are also reviewed by the buyers. All these reviews can help you make an informed decision.

Udimi monitors the solo ads and if the seller doesn’t deliver Udimi refunds the undelivered part of your solo ad buy.

If you are new to buying solo ads this is the best place to start.

Here is the break out of two solo ads I bought in June.

Total Investment$77.00
Immediate return on investment$34.00
Net Cost $ 43.00
Total New names 83
Cost Per Subscriber
51 cents

Wow, 51 cents cost per new subscriber. I aim to stay at one dollar or below. That’s my best ever result.

The two seller I bought from:

Fabian Tan

Adrian Costan


Adrian get’s my big thank you for delivering 49 signups on a 100 click buy. You can’t beat that.


For June a nice upward trend I am determined to continue for July

It’s just a matter of slugging away in the trenches of Safelists and Mailers, using only high converting sites, and mailing out consistently every day.

Don’t forget I designed this free report below so you can use it every day to quickly move through the process of sending out your ads. I update this often.

I’ve made quick a few changes to the page over the month and I’ve removed sites that didn’t perform for me this month and added in the ones that did. This keeps the list fresh and relevant.

Click here for my full list of top 30 best-converting sites.  All these sites are free to join.

Also, remember your results will be somewhat different from mine but the system works when you do the work.

Click here to see my training video on Building Your List Using Safelists and Mailers.

What steps are you going to take to improve your list building for July?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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