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This morning as I glanced through my email looking for relevant emails that might need my attention, something insipid caught my eye instead.  I counted six emails, each from a different Traffic Exchange with exactly the same heading:

Claim Your Login Spotlight Reward

Wow. Brilliant branding. Quick what TE comes to mind? Did you come up blank?

Did I bother to open anyone of those emails? No.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love spotlight ads. They work really well. If you haven’t bought one and tried it I suggest you do so as soon as you can.  The price you pay for most of these ads is affordable.

Granted the headline is probably an automatically programmed auto responder email sent out once a day with the purpose of getting people to that Traffic Exchange to claim their credits (their reward) for logging in .

As a strategy, perhaps it works, I don’t know.

But that doesn’t excuse this total lack of creativity.

As a consumer of spotlight ads, it gives me no confidence that my money is being well spent.

I know it’s easy not to have to think of something else to say.

I’m sure I’ve fallen into the same trap at times

However, if as Seth Godin suggests, we are all artist in the new economy, then I think we all need to do a bit more work to uncover the creative genius within us. Only then do we reach out to our inherent uniqueness. Only then can we stand out. Only then can we discover the power of outstanding.

But then of course, being part of the unrecognizable conglomerate of the average is much safer.

Here’s the proof:









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  • What a great post, Nick.

    Like you, I delete the ticky tacky. And sometimes rail in my mind about the complete waste of electrons. This morning I had 34 items in my inbox. 7 got opened, and that is a larger than normal number…

    I had to go look up the song. Pete Seger, (better known in my circles for ‘Fixin to Die Rag’ at Woodstock) recorded it in 1963, I remember it fondly from the day….

    Thanks, Nick
    Tom Wacker recently posted…Saturday Shortstop: Honus WagnerMy Profile

  • Will have to play devil’s advocate here ‘cos actually…. I do open those mails up, and I do go to the site and claim the reward (most days anyway). I’m actually pretty glad they come ‘cos otherwise I’d forget to log into some of those sites and assign credits, and there’s a few smaller sites I don’t usually use regularly that I manage to stock up a fair amount of credits in after a while simply due to those mails.

    I personally don’t really care whether they say “Claim Your Login Spotlight” reward or not (actually in my case it’s probably good that it does or I might not notice a mail otherwise and delete it).

    But there are some that regularly send them out that have changed their wording – Russell’s say something like “Here are some free credits for you” or something like that, which is fine too, and I can relate to your argument about changing up the wording. Though like I said since I do open them up and claim the reward every day, if it doesn’t say the usual “Claim Your…”, I might actually delete it when I don’t mean to.

    I know Russell said when he started that that he might stop having the system send them every day after a while, which is understandable, but like I said I’m actually glad he and others do. It gets me logging in and assigning credits almost daily when otherwise I probably wouldn’t get around to it.
    Lynn M recently posted…Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fashion (In The Name Of CTP) And PoshperityMy Profile

  • Yea down with Ticky Tacky. I always loved that song, ever since I heard it way back when. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t quite fit into the corporate world, I couldn’t quite squeeze myself into little boxes, a challenge for both of us I would suspect.


  • Wonderful, someone who doesn’t agree. LOL. I can see your point Lynn. I look at spotlight ads when I log-in in to a Traffic Exchange, but only if I’m going there anyway. I’m not in the same league as you when it comes to surfing, but I can see how the headline serves as a reminder and that you have to stick close with the wording if it’s going to work as a reminder.

    But I don’t like the sameness and Kudos to those who have at least attempted to do it differently, like Russell, and a few others.


  • Great post.
    This very subject has annoyed me for ages now.
    I was actually going to write exactly the same thing but you beat me to it.

  • Wow I beat you to a post. That’s a first I’m sure. I agree it’s annoying and there they all were again this morning.


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