What You Measure Daily and Review Weekly Improves.

When you measure daily you force your mind to focus on specific tasks.

It’s a little like teasing with chocolate. As a dark chocolate addict, all you have to do is show me a picture of that beautiful deep dark chocolate and my mind locks on like the tractor beam used in by the Enterprise in Star Trek.

Without those daily targets, your mind will find a way to wander from the task at hand to building castles of air.

Peter Drucker the legendary business coach said: “What gets measured gets improved.”


What should you measure daily?

Well in any business a very important measure is income. How much money did you make today?

However, for me, I used the question from one of my favorite books The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan. I highly recommend this book.

I asked myself the central question in the book: What’s the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

When I thought about this I got one answer. I needed to focus on billing my list. Doing that would make everything else easier or unnecessary.

That meant that I needed to put my attention on building my list. So daily I decided my number one focus would be on getting new names to my list.

I decided I would also track income daily.

The next question was how I would measure daily?

So I came up with a tracking form I use every day.

Daily Stat Sheet

I keep this on my desk as I work each day recording stats as they happen. I also do a check the

next morning to see what came in up to the end of day at midnight.

Then I start a fresh sheet for the next day.

I also record my 3 big priorities for the day.

These priorities are either long or short-term projects designed to boost my focus tracking.

Areas I focus on are blog content, promotions, and training.

I run my week from Sunday to Saturday. On Mondays, I collect my stat sheets for the week, add up the totals and create an Excel line graph to show me a longer-term view of how I am doing.

Line Graph

Line Graph

A line graph offers up a lot of information. Are you trending up or down? What influence a jump in your statistic. What caused it to go down.

There is a whole technology on reading graphs but for our purposes here it’s a quick pulse on your business. How did you do last week? What can you do to improve your numbers this week?

The tracking sheets also give me a glance at what projects I worked on that week…what ones are still incomplete, and where I need to focus on the next week.

It doesn’t take long to create a form in Excel for your purposes.

I also track other stats but on a weekly only basis.

I use two income stats. The one I use as a daily measure of how I am doing. This records sales, commissions, coaching revenue and any other income connected to my business. There is one problem with that stat. It only records money made that week but does not record actually income into your PayPal or Bank account. I keep a separate stat for actual money received. There is often a time lag between earning the money and getting paid.

You want to keep tracking simple and easy to manage. If it gets too complex or you are trying to track too many statistics then keeping up with all that data becomes a distraction in itself.

That’s why I focus on the two most important Key Performace Indicators for my business.

If you want to learn more about KPI’s Click here to read How Do You Develop KPI’s


I found a noticeable difference in my performance once I started daily tracking and doing a weekly review.

There is great truth to what you measure daily and review weekly improves.

What KPI’s do you measure and how do you keep track?

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