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I always like to do something different for the Badge Hunts. It wasn’t until yesterday that inspiration struck. I know that many people are going about attempting to collect as many badges as possible, however, I ask you to take a few moments to give this exercise your best shot as your responses will mean something more than just another badge. If you don’t have anytime to give through to the topic I am asking you to write about, please save both of us wasted time and effort and don’t participate.

My desire is that we gather together her some very interesting stories about how we connect in our new world order of a co-creative economy.

Read on for the details.


To Claim My Badge Hunt Badge Follow the Steps Below:

Step One:

Fill out the subscription form to become a member of my list. (If you are all ready a member skip to the next step. However I will verify your membership, so 1, don’t cheat, and 2 make sure you find the confirmation link, which might go to your Spam folder. I only accept verified subscribers. If you aren’t verified, no badge.)


Badge Hunt Step One: Subscribe to My List


Step Two 

Here I want you to visit a very special blog post I wrote for this occasion.(Link Below)  I wanted to focus on the connections and relationships we create as we work in this field of internet marketing through social media. I’ve built many very special relationships but the one I write about really stands out. Once you’ve read the story, (don’t worry, I kept it short) in the comment section of that post I would like you to share your own special connections story involving some aspect of social media.  I am looking for meaningful content for a good reason. Please include your CTP user name so I can send you your badge.

Note By commenting you are agreeing that I can (doesn’t mean I will) move your story into the body of the post and use your name.

Link to the Article


I want to thank you for participating in this experiment in the spirit it was intended.

I also include a link here about the rules of the Badge Hunt that I wrote last year. There is tons of important information inside.

Bigfoot Badge Hunt Primer: Safety Tips and Policy Updates and Reminders




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