My List Building Report for May 2018: Growth Continues

My list building for the month of May continued to show slow steady growth.

But my report is complicated slightly by the addition of  132 new names that were added to Get Response from the launch of several “new” your vial network, sites.

These would include WebBizInsider, Splash Page Surfer, Top Tier Traffic and Legends Mailer. But the launches took place over a couple of months so they aren’t pure to this month.

Therefore, I am simply noting them here so you can see the power of using Your Viral Network sites, but I have not included them in my report for this month.

My List Building Report for May 2018

The purpose of this monthly report is not to intimidate but inspire. If I can do this so can you. I want to show you that anyone can build their list with the right tools.

What you need to build your list. 

These are the basic tools of list building.

An autoresponder. I use Get Response.

A way to create a lead capture page which captures potential subscribers names. This can be one you create yourself or ready-made pages. I use Landing Page Monkey.

Traffic. That’s where this report focuses. As I find new ways to generate traffic I will pass them on to you.

Currently, I use two methods to grow my list.

High Converting Safelists and Mailers

Paid Solo Ads

I will report on each separately.

It’s important to remember that your results will vary from mine due to many factors. You can, however, use the information in a general way. The sites that are working for me will probably work for you.

What you should take away from this is also the importance of doing your own tracking.

I highly recommend for its ease of use and excellent analytics.

Click the image below to get your 30-Day Free Trial.


In the month of May, I received 282 sign ups to my list. However, for the purpose of the report, I am disregarding 132 of those signups for the reasons already mentioned.  I received 150 signups in May a slight increase over the previous month of 146.

Here is a graph of what my stats look like since I started doing the reports in March 2018.

Graph of signups for 2018

I am going to be talking more about statistical tracking. For now, I wanted to show you why posting your stats are important.

See Video Here

This gives you an at a glance view of how you are doing.

You can see that the trend is up at a slight angle.

This means things are running normally and that you should continue to do what you are doing while intensifying your work slightly.

The goal is to keep the graph moving in an uptrend.


You don’t have to go crazy. Just continue to do those consistent actions that are getting you the results.

Breakout of the Numbers

The way that broke down this month:

I added 74 new names from my work with Mailers and Safelists (slightly down from last month.)

65 new Dual Squeeze Members

9 (other) mostly for signups to various Your Viral Network sites.

I also added 76 names through paid solo ads.

76 new Affiliate Funnel Clone members.

From the result, you can see you can build a list just using safelists and mailers. 

The important thing to note is not to advertising too many offers.

For May I again focused on Dual Squeeze with an occasional break to promote a Your Viral Network Launch.

My paid solo ads focused on Affiliate Funnel Clones.

That’s it.

I didn’t promote any other programs.

It’s one of the biggest mistakes I see. People trying to promote a large number of sites figuring something is bound to stick.

You are better to keep what you’re promoting very limited and then focus all your advertising on one or two programs.

Safelists and Mailers

A total of 35 safelist this month gave me at least one signup to help with my list building efforts.

The focus was Dual Squeeze where, as an upgraded member, I can create an unlimited number of Lead Capture pages.

I put the best of those LCPs into a rotator so prospects aren’t seeing the same ad all the time.

Here’s what that looks like in (it’s really easy to set up.)

This gives you a good idea of which Lead Capture Pages are doing well and which ones can be taken out of the rotation. The ones sitting at zero in this example, aren’t showing any stats because they are out of the rotation.

This is the newest LCP I added to Dual Squeeze. Perhaps you’ve seen it around.

Lead Capture Page

I found this great picture and knew right away how to use it.

Humor is a good way to draw attention to a lead capture page.

I’m in the process of doing a series of pages like this.

I already have one about spending time in the country.

All of them focused on list building.


Top 7 Safelist and Mailers for May 2018

Mailer or SafelistHitsUnique HitsRatioSignups
Trend Mails68262 %1.038
Free Advertising For You109877%0.647
List Impact45057%1.336
Mail This List38460%1.566
Webs Best Mailer (YVN)63733%0.765
Your Viral Traffic41436%1.215
Classic Solo Mailer103722.913

Trend Mails is my top converting website for May, delivering me 7 signups.

I also want you to note that  Classic Solo Mailer is the new kid on the block this month. It’s one of my testing sites that proved itself and is now on my top converting sites list.

I received those signups by following a daily action plan of promoting only one program to those top converting sites. Some of the sites I’m upgraded in, and in others, I do the daily work of reading mail to earn the credits so I can send to as many people as possible.

I also experiment with new sites and track the results. Any that don’t produce a signup after using them for a couple of weeks get discarded.

So there isn’t any magic to list building, just the steady consistent working of the plan.

I’ve designed this free report below so you can use it every day to quickly move through the process of sending out your ads. 

Click here for my full list of top 30 best-converting sites.  All these sites are free to join.

Jerry Iannucci writes a monthly report as well.

Click here to read Jerry’s report for may.

One last warning. Stay away from lists based on people voting for their favorite safelist and mailers. These are often emotionally based and are not necessarily focused on conversions.

My List Building Report on Paid Solo Ads

I use Udimi for all my solo ads at the moment.

There is a good reason for this. All the solo ad sellers are rated. You can then search according to what you are looking for. The sellers are also reviewed by the buyers. All these reviews can help you make an informed decision.

Udimi monitors the solo ads and if the seller doesn’t deliver Unimi refunds the undelivered part of your solo ad buy.

If you are new to buying solo ads this is the best place to start.

Here is the break out of my paid solo ads this week. Note I spent significantly less than the month before. This was due to a scheduling problem that forced one solo ad into June.

Total Investment$64.00
Immediate return on investment$00.00
Net Cost $64.00
Total New names 76
Cost Per Subscriber
88 cents

This month’s paid solo ad hero is  Edgars Skujins   

Edgars compensated for a not so good buy later in the month.

As you can see a lovely 96 Top Tier country rate.

May solo ad report

What I’ve noticed about the solo ad sellers that deliver, is they are interested in your results and they follow up with you after the run to see how you felt about the run and often make good suggestions.

So watch for that. It’s a sign you have a good seller.

Edgars took a look at my ad, said that it would run well and he delivered the solo fast. Then he followed up with me. That doesn’t always happen as in the case for the other solo ad I purchase this month.

I made my target of $1 or less per subscriber acquisition.


For May a nice upward trend I am determined to continue for June.

Nothing I am doing is not rocket science or sexy or push button.

It’s just a matter of slug away in the trenches of Safelists and Mailers, using only high converting sites, and mailing out consistently every day.

Don’t forget I designed this free report below so you can use it every day to quickly move through the process of sending out your ads. I update this often.

I’ve made quick a few changes to the page over the month and I’ve removed sites that didn’t perform for me this month and added in the ones that did. This keeps the list fresh and relevant.

Click here for my full list of top 30 best-converting sites.  All these sites are free to join.

Also, remember your results will be somewhat different from mine but the system works when you do the work.

Click here to see my training video on Building Your List Using Safelists and Mailers.

What steps are you going to take to improve your list building this month?

Let me know in the comment section below.


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