Never Mind. It’s a Week Old. Move On.


never mind

Recently I joined a new program TEPays. The program launched with tons of fanfare with some pretty big names involved. The logo is everywhere. So unless you’ve slept for a week you’ve seen it.

Early results have been impressive.

But we are a week in, and the excitements over and now those eyes are beginning to glaze. There’s niggly little doubts creeping in. And once again the search is on for the next big thing…new thing…promising thing. Commitment to driving traffic to the site is beginning to wane. What program am I going to assign my credit to next week.

Well there is that new traffic exchange.

Never mind it doesn’t build your list.

Never mind you muddy waters of your branding. People can’t figure out what your stand for or what you are about.

Never mind that next week it will be something else.

Never mind that you can’t understand why you aren’t in profit.

Of course the low hanging fruit has been picked so it’s time to find a new tree.

Never mind there is still a ton of fruit on the tree. But now you might need new a ladder like a consistent advertising program, like a bigger ad spend, like focus: all the things that will get you results.

Never mind that you might have to stretch and try something different, try new approaches, look and see what others are doing.

Never mind you might have to spend money to make some.

Forget sticking to it, working through it…actually doing the work.

And this is the pattern for most businesses in our industry. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Jon Olsen did a Blab on this today.

“A week in and its done now. ” Jon Olson talking about the mind-set that’s now creeping in.

Eric Goettman in his email today: “A new site launches… A few big names get behind the launch and people get excited… then once the hype dies down, people move on.” Here’s the link to his post So Simple, Yet Most People Will Give Up

So what is TE Pays doing for you.

1 It builds your list. (This is your number one priority.) by promoting TE Pays you build your list.

2. Builds residual income. Pays you each month, over and over again.

3. Builds your downline in 6 of the very top TE’s in the business including the biggest, EasyHit4U something few other downline buildings include. (Add this to your monthly subscription where you get from 1-3 new referrals each month, and boom, you have program feeding you the credits you need to really promote your program.)

4. Blain Jones, creator of TePays and a well know TE owner,  brings his ability to help you improve your results continuously for years to come. ( And if you don’t think that’s gonna happen, I just popped into my back office and found a whole bunch of new stuff.)

So it’s not too late, it’s just the start.

Join me now and I will also help you along the way.

Setup is easy, but if you hit a snag, let me know.

So stay focused, make this your focus program, work hard and don’t stop.

Give yourself a chance.

Oh and do the dirty. Upgrade. You are worth upgrading in this one program. If you have to trim some programs that are not doing it for you then trim.



TE Pays big




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  • I just Joined up on the shoemaker program, they teach you wordpress from start to finish…..
    i had only one problem (getting my wordpress site up and running) the host server techs did not return calls or help in any way, I sent calls to them, and tickets, but to-no-avale, no answer.
    So today i took a look in the site control pannel, and found an oops, just one char extra on the main directory, someone had edited it and the filename and added (L) extra char that caused wp not to come up..
    It’s up and running now, so this weekend, i will be busy writing code, for my new blog and getting ready for next weeks visitors…. it’s gonna be a lot like yours, but with more NLP stuff added in the mix …..
    Yea TEPays has run it’s course and eyes will now over look it because too many jumped in as copy cats hit the te’s everywhere so it still sort of works but low key due to over exposure on too many sources… i will still have my ad up, but looking forward, to getting my new site up and running smoothly…. it a wordpress wonder so it should look great… still looking for a great theme to be different and stand out, in the crowd so to say.
    Stephen Hall recently posted…How One Year Can Change Your Life!My Profile

  • Inspiring blog post Nick or that’s how I see it. But I haven’t been excited about a new program launch or the opportunities it offers for quite some time. I am about TEPays and looking forward to see some great results by using it! I rarely promote a program directly and not through my site, but TEPays convinced me (and I don’t even have RR!).

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