Nick’s Mindset Marketing Show: Interview with Scott Rohn

Scott Rohn doesn’t need an introduction to our community.

Scott reveals in the interview he’s been around for a long time and like most of the confirmed online marketers I know, he’s done his share of experimentation, dealt with his share of failure, and with persistence and lots of hard work, his share of success.

Scott’s forte is video. He excels in the use of video to not only market his offers but to enhance is branding. (See more about branding in the resource section below.)

Scott is also the new owner of  Traffic at the Races . 

In the interview Scott talks about why he became involve in TE’s and how he managed to acquire Traffic at the Races.

Please Note: In the interview Scott talks about a special offer for people who listen to the interview. Scott decided after the interview to be  more generous. So after watching the interview look for the link to the revised offer.

Enjoy the video.



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I will send them to Scott.



Resources For This Blog Post

Scott’s Limited Time Offer at Traffic at The Races:

This offer is available until 6 PM July 25. after which I will take down the offer.

5000 credits for $5.00 . To take advantage of this special click the image link below. Log into Traffic at the Races first. Log out and then click the link.



If you aren’t a member of Traffic at the Races click the link below to sign up.

Traffic at the Races 


Read Scott’s Blog. Click the link Below.



If you want to read more about branding or get a refresher please click the link below to read by latest blog post on the subject.

Use These Four Basic Law of Branding to Rocket Your Business Online

To record this video I used Zoom

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If you missed our first interview with Tim Hanson you can watch the replay using the link below.

Nick’s Mindset Marketing Show: Interview with Tim Hanson

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  • Great Interview always appreciate new and different insights.
    Regarding the commentary on changing and improving TE’s
    I think alot of that is about accountability, not just for owners
    but for the people that are using the TE’s. Continue to wave the flag
    offer people something more than a TE. Drive value, take the time to
    think about what kind of customer you want at your business then figure
    out where you are going to attract those customers.

  • Hi Tim

    Great to hear from you. Thank you for your comments. I agree it is about accountability on both owners and users. I think “Drive Value” is the key. Both parties have an obligation to provide value.

    I also like your comment about deciding what kind of customer you want to attract and then figure out where you will find him. Many MLM’s have you develop a bio of who your idea customer is. It’s a good exercise.

    I think with Scott’s experience on both sides of the divide will definitely help him in his journey.

    I am happy that he agreed to do the interview.

    And I’m still learning from doing these interviews as well. It’s lots of fun.


  • What a wonderful interview. Truly a flattering medium for both of you.

    Good questions from you, Nick and good responses from Scott.

    I’ve never, ever gotten completely gotten completely comfortable doing video. And I have a written script for every single one. When I was doing a live show I had a list of talking points. Every time.

  • When I found out Scott took over Traffic at the Races as its owner, I was surfing there. It was a surprise, but I kept surfing the following days and saw how Scott slowly put his mark on his new TE through his well-crafted video offers.

    If we just look at the beginning of the interview, we see right away we have in front of us two people who act naturally in front of a camera.

    The interview was great and as always, some very interesting information is made public during them, 🙂

    Congratulations Scott for your new site, both for the interview and Nick, keep going!
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Autoresponder Features: Essentials, Important and OthersMy Profile

  • Hey Tom, great to hear from you. Ahh shucks and thank your for your comments. Though, as I remember it, you are petty good in front of a camera yourself. You are a good story teller.


  • Hi Adrian.

    Thanks for your comments Adrian. Interesting to see you got to watch the changes as Scoot asserted his personality onto Traffic at the Races. I think the best exchanges are where the owner is active and branding his site to reflect their personalities. I’m sure there is a lot still to come in that regard.

    Glad you like the interview.


  • Hi Nick

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to spill my guts out to you and your readers. Just kidding seriously it was an honor that you considered me your interview series. I’m looking forward to see who you interview in the future.

  • Hi Scott,

    Thanks for agreeing to do the interview. It’s my stretching ourselves that we grow. And it was fun. I haven’t decided who I’d like to interview next. But I look forward to the next one. Right now I’m still promoting your interview.


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