Nick’s Mindset Marketing Show: Interview with Tim Hanson

I’ve wanted to interview Tim Hanson for a long time. I love his marketing style, and especially his email series which I think is the best in our community.

Tim proved receptive to the idea. We exchanged some information. I sent Tim a list of questions I wanted ask allowing him time to do some prep work.

Meshing our schedules turned out to be our biggest challenge.

We finally managed to get together to record the video interview below.

This is Tim’s first interview, and my first time using Zoom as my platform.

I’m excited to shared Tim’s thoughts on marketing and give you a glimpse inside the mind that created the content for his dynamic email series.

Below the video in the resource section., I include a link for you to sign up to Tim’s list if you are not a member yet.

Tim and I are both looking forward to your opinions.



If you have any questions  or comments for Tim please put them into the comment section below.

Resource Section For this Post.

To join Tim’s List click the link below. 

Become a Master of Free Advertising

Tim created his business without a website or a blog.

He used an autoresponder to build his business.

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I’m offering an exclusive add-on when you sign up for a free trial: A screen share walk through to show you how to get started.

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To tape this interview I use Zoom. This is an awesome , easy to use platform for your business. It simultaneously records your video as well as a separate audio, all of which you can easily upload to YouTube or Facebook. Both the video and audio live on your computer, so you won’t loose the records if Zoom disappears. This isn’t an affiliate link.

To register for you own Zoom room click the link below.


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As always

Dream Big, Live Inspired.

Nick Grimshawe



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  • Hi Adrian , thanks for your comments. I’m sure Tim kept a few secrets back. But he also wanted to give great content and I think he delivered all of that.


  • Such an awesome interview. Well done guys. I loved Tim’s quote:

    “My product is my list!”

    If more people ‘new and old’ heard that message and understood how powerful it is, we’d treat list building with so much more importance.

    Great stuff guys, a must watch for everyone!

  • Thanks Jon. And I hoped you heard on that interview the impact you’ve had on so many people. Tim was an awesome interview and I think we offer some good content for people to chew on. Thanks for the plugs they are much appreciated.


  • What an outstanding interview!

    Learned things about Tim that I (of course) never knew – especially that he’s a firefighter! Very cool.
    What struck me the most was his obvious humility and his example of being able to start with not knowing much about the industry and having the success that he has.

    I like what he said about surrounding yourself with different people and always learning. Very cool stuff.

    He also made a great point about success being relative and that we need to know our “why.”

    Thanks a lot for arranging this awesome interview Nick. I hope you do more of them!

    It was very very very informing and motivating!
    John L. Brewer recently posted…What is a Community?My Profile

  • Thanks for taking the time to watch the video and comment John. Yes I agree, Tim’s humility is a genuine part of his character and I’m glad that came through in the interview.
    Glad you found good tips as well.

    I think I might attempt another interview John. I have my own learning from having done the first one that I can’t wait to apply to the next.


  • I enjoyed this interview. Tim seems a cool guy and it’s nice to see you two having fun!

    To quote Tim:

    “My business is my list”, he just nailed it. Having a email list is an asset that will serve internet marketers, affiliate marketers, and home business owners long-term.

    It’s all about serving people, providing daily value and building connections.

    Great job guys!

  • Hi Carl. Great to see you here. Glad you enjoyed the video. “My business is my list” is turning out to be a great quote for the interview.


  • Great interview. I enjoyed Tim’s down to earth approach to things. Your questions brought out the best answers on what Tim is doing. Very refreshing.

  • Thanks Mike, appreciate your comments. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to interview for the first in the series.


  • Great Interview lots of great information. I like the emphasis on how important it is to build your list. Also on how you have learned from Mentors over the year.

    Lots of great points worth listening to again.

  • Hi Kerri, thanks for the comments. Glad you liked the interview. Yes Tim makes it pretty clear how important his list is to him. It’s a good example of what you can do when you focus one one strategy and work it.


  • I very much appreciate everyone’s comments
    and appreciate so much the feedback I have
    received. This was and continues to be a
    great experience.

  • I started listening to this video the first day you posted it but couldn’t finish as it was time to leave for my first dog walk. It stayed in the back of my mind to finish watching it but I didn’t get around to it until today.

    First off, Kudoos Nick for doing interviews. I think that is a good step. I remember Jon Olson suggesting someone do that in TELive years ago.

    What I like about both you and Tim is your no frills, no big fanfare approach. The one thing that originally turned me off to internet/affiliate marketing when I first started was all the “HOT AIR ‘HYPE”. Hype in itself isn’t bad but its the empty promises of $1028 every month hype I am talking about. Those of you who have been doing this for some time know what I’m talking about.

    I tend to be on the cautious side, especially when it comes to investing time and money. The louder the hype the further I run. LOL!

    While I haven’t been so noticeably active in the past year as I was building my offline Pet Sitting business and have been working on an upcoming promotion myself.

    I haven’t read every email either of you have sent out but I’ve read enough to know that when I do have some time I will look through your content and if something interests me I’ll even sign up. I always prefer to sign up under someone I know.

    Wishing you both the best and do keep in touch!

    God bless,


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