Not Once, Not Twice, But Thousands of Times

Not Once, Not Twice But Thousands of Times

Not Once, Not Twice

Internet Marketing  Lesson 6

Today we talk about how you get people to know, like and trust you enough to eventually buy from you. It’s called advertising. How we do that on the internet isn’t much different to how your local pop (soda) shop operates.

Every week the shop sends out coupon flyers to come in and get say 6 bottle of water and get the next 6 pack free. Every week you see their flyer in your mailbox. Occasionally as you drive around you hear their catchy ad on the radio, and perhaps if they are part of a larger chain or franchise you’ll see their ad on TV.

Then one day you drive by their location, remember all their ads and amazing offers and make a decision to drop in and grab that free water thing.

How many ads did it take to lure you in?

Statistic suggests at least 7 times.

As an internet marketer you will follow a similar formula.


I know what you’re thinking, remember I’ve been there, you are thinking that sounds like a lot of money and a lot of work.

Yes and no.

Hard work for sure. You don’t just show up online and like magic it all falls into place. However there are good inexpensive ways to get started marketing yourself online.

You don’t have to buy thousands of dollars worth of Facebook Ads, at least not until your income allows that.

The most important things to remember about advertising online is you want to get as many people looking at your offer as you possibly can.

What to offer and where to advertise it is something I cover with you.

This is often the place many new marketers go off the rail.

They make two mistakes.

  1. They don’t market themselves along with a product. People tend to throw up one offer after another without giving people the opportunity to get to know and understand what you are about.
  2. They vastly underestimate, how many people they need to get to see their offer before they get a nibble.

This is where the sheer volume of sites you need to work with can easily overwhelm you.

I will explain for you what those sites are. You are looking at Traffic Exchanges, Safelist, Mails, Solo mails, banner ads and more.

However with consistent practice of a few simple steps taken every day you will achieve mastery, no question.

There is nothing more exciting that the first time someone joins your program! It’s thrill that hooks your for life.

All the rest is just learning.

How to keep building on those simple things you need to do every day on a consistent basis.

Since you’ve made it all this way… you do have a habit of consistency that will turn lead into gold for you.

The problem is…consistency isn’t sexy.

Sexy is more attractive but broke isn’t.

Final wrap up tomorrow.

Then if your feel you’re readying…the work can begin.


If you can’t wait for your next lesson


Dream Big, Live Inspired.


Nick Grimshawe

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