One Big Mistake New Internet Marketers Make

Internet Marketers

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Here is the quote I use:

“If you just do it because you’re passionate about it, it’s unbelievable what can happen. But you have to do it for the passion, not the money. When you do that money follows, it never leads.”

Source: Gerard Adams from an article in Success Magazine August 2016 issue: DIY Kind Of Guy bu Cecilia Meis


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Nick Grimshawe


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  • Hi Nick,

    Yup, I’ve seen the YouEconomy article from Success Magazine, they did a podcast about it too (and I really like their podcasts on Thurdays).

    On the money versus finding your passion subject, I am fully for the second option, with some amendments. As you admitted yourself and I admit too, many of us had put money first when we first came online with the purpose of earning an income.

    So putting money first may not be the biggest issue. Trouble begins when that’s all we do and we don’t pass this stage in our evolution.

    So the formula may just be
    little money => passion (dream) => BIG money.

    And of course, with passion should come action, consistency, and always, self-development.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…How to Recognize Opportunity?My Profile

  • I love your little formula there. It makes sense because in order to snag attention we need to appeal to the original intent which is make money on line. Then we need to evolutionize (word spell doesn’t like that word; I just made it up on the fly) them by taking passion which is the way you sustain any enterprise, which means money will follow.

    Awesome input. Great value added to the conversation.


  • Hey Nick,

    What an outstanding point! You are absolutely right.

    Most of the advertising you see theses days focuses on the money first.

    Those of us who have been at this for a while know what a big mistake that is, but sometimes even WE need to be reminded of that very same thing.

    Coincidentally I have been reflecting on the same thing when it comes to the English training aspect of my Internet marketing. I realized that I need to reflect on why I love teaching English in the first place.

    The question we “experienced” marketers need to ask ourselves is ‘are we encouraging this passionless attitude in our own marketing?’

    The challenge is to take the suggestions that are given us from the affiliate programs that we use and refashion them to emphasize passion and productivity more than we do the profit aspect of things.

    I guess it’s not an easy thing to encourage patience in folks who are in a desperate need to make money NOW, but maybe that is the key to bringing “qualified” new entrepreneurs into the industry.

    Outstanding food for thought Nick!

    Thanks so much for the video.

  • Hi John, thanks for dropping by. I agree that without reflecting on our own motives and attitudes we could be encouraging people to put money first. Wearing your passion on your shelve isn’t aways comfortable for us. It puts us into that vulnerable place, outside our comfort zone. Since we want our customers and clients to step outside that safety zone, then no matter how difficult we need to take that step of faith and lead with our passion. Then we have a chance of getting to rub off.

    If we are not speaking to our passion…then how much fun is that? “Money always follows it never leads”.

    Thanks John I need to put the quote in the post.


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