One Plus Blog Carnival Final Results

And the winner is(drum roll please). Sunny Suggs.


Poll results 2


So the official winner is Sunny Suggs, who lead with a commanding 56% of the popular vote. In the last hours of the evening, with Marian Gurowicz making a spirited appeal on her Wealth Living Show, climbed into a second place tie with Andrew Stark. And Winter Perkins rounds off the top three in third place. Sunny will get first pick of the prize packages and then we will move down the list. I will announce the prizes once everyone has made their selection.

But all participants are winners as they will find out shortly.

Thank you to the bloggers who enthusiastically jumped into the project. It’s been a real pleasure working with you.

We also received 59 comments spread over all the blogs which is awesome and thank you for all those who participating in commenting and voting, that’s what made this so much fun to do.

We had over 13,200 hits to the main page, again that is wonderful. And we delivered traffic to all the blogs creating so nice back-links in the process.

It will take me a little while to distribute all the XP…a total of 59000 XP for comments. You will probably receive them before the evening is out, however I just finished a 20 K walk so I’m fading fast, but wanted to get these results out to everyone fast.

I will sending out a survey form to the writers for feedback but you won’t see that until tomorrow or Saturday at the earliest.

And if anyone else has some feedback, or suggestions for the next Blog Carnival (yes folks there will be others), you can use the comment section below.

One final shout out to our sponsors. Douglas, Ben and John. You are the best!

Okay…nap time.

With Love





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  • Congratulations to Sunny for telling her story and winning!
    Also, congratulations to NIck on the 20k. Good!

    Take care everyone!


  • Thanks for the comments Diana. I will need your CTP user name so that I can award you your XP points as one of our top commenters for this Blog Carnival. So thank you for your participation.

  • well Yay! Thanks so much to everyone who voted!

    Nick, thank you too for giving us all this opportunity! I was so scared to tell this story – I really had a lot of those “self defeating” thoughts. I was afraid of people thinking “well that’s stupid, she needs to grow up” and the like…. Thanks so much for letting me be me!

  • Great to have you on board for this. I hope people pay attention to what you just said. Even though you weren’t comfortable sharing your story it struck a cord with your readers. How amazing is that. Thank you.


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