One Quick Tip On Driving Traffic Using Safelists

To stay productive using safelist an mailers requires you to develop systems to execute your tasks as efficiently as possible. In this video I talk about one very quick tip you can use to send out your emails even if you don’t have, or can’t afford one of those fancy programs that sends out your email to all your safelist at once, on schedule without fail.

Take a look at the video and see if you can adapt my method to your system of sending out mails.

I don’t go very deeply into how to schedule you posts, I will talk about at in another video. For now, this will get you started quickly.

Let me know what you think and any difficulties you encountered using my system.

Oh and if you watch the video all the way through and comment and leave your CTP username. Well good things do happened to good people. Of course you can cheat, and I won’t know that…but you will.

Dream Big, Live Inspired,

Nick Grimshawe



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  • G’day Nick

    I’m the same as John, already knew how to do that but funnily enough I found that on my European Safelist emails my saved emails were not ones that I currently use, so a bit of tidying up was required. Great tip on the bookmarking in a folder too, that would make it a lot faster to get those mails out!

    I used to use a spreadsheet in the past but haven’t updated it lately. That is another good way to organise how many you can send and how often if set up correctly.

    My CTP username is leonem 🙂

  • He Leone, Your right about keeping things clean up, then you don’t have stop for any of that when you’re adding a new ad. Every step you can save means more credits.

    I noted your CTP username too.


  • Thanks Nick !

    I have not attempted as yet to do a lot of mailing, but this looks good.
    Does it have an affiliate program ?

  • Hi Robert.

    No there isn’t an affiliate program attached. The video is just a how to get mailings out quickly even without one of those programs that does it for you automatically. It’s especially go info for new comers, and certainly available for you to share with your members.


  • Hi Dave,

    Glad we got your here. LOL. And thanks again for the heads up. And I’m happy that you liked the video. Keep in mind you might have downlines struggle to do this so I hope you will share the video or the post with them as well. And I did notice your CTP user name.

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