A Soap Box at a Very Affordable Price : Indispensable Tools #2

A Soap Box at a Very Affordable Price : Indispensable Tools #2


Indispensable Tools  # 2

I originally planned to talk about a local community  sweet spot called TE Live, and I still will but it comes wrapped in an indispensable Marketing Tool  called Spreecast. The best thing about the tool is its free and yes there is a bit of a love hate relationship due to occasional technical difficulties but it’s merits far outweigh it’s drawbacks.

Spreecast is a live video broadcasting site, that allows you to create your own video broadcast just like CNN. Well almost. You’d have to buy all that fancy computer generation software they use. But still you can use the medium to get your message out to both a live audience that can participate live with you, or who come back to watch the video long after you’ve recovered from your star performance.

You can sign up here at Spreecast.com

It’s connected to most of the major social media sites.

Once you register you can easily set up your own broadcast and advertise your link to the people you would like to come and watch your show.

It’s not as interactive as a conference room but for free you can’t complain.

Spreecast is used by many of the leaders in our community and there are interesting shows, that will both entertain and educate you.

Here is a List of my Favorites:

TE Live: This is Jon Olson’s baby. The show runs most days during the week, Monday to Friday at 4 PM EST time. Jon’s show is a combination of business coaching, inspirations and tough love, with a smattering of news about the Tim Tech group of companies and an odd rant about the industry from time to time.

The Cash Surfing Network/ Legacy Hour Show.: The show is hosted by the never dull Legacy team, of Ken Locatelli , Rodney Hage, and Marcus Wahl. It runs at 6 PM EST every week day. The topics covered sometimes   deal with The Cash Surfing Network, a site they co own with Eric Goettman and the Legacy Hits group of sites, but mainly is a free ranging discussion of what ever comes up. It gets my vote as the most entertaining and fun to watch show in our community.

Other shows include:

Avenues to Success by Randy Ritter

The Living Wealthy Show by Marain Gurowicz

Cuppa Time by Russell Stockley

Tom Wacker  by Tom Wacker (I’m not sure he has a name for his show)

Traffic Break Trivia  by Lynn M

And many more.


Most of these and more you can find by doing a search at Spreecast.

But the best way to get notifications is to “follow” those you want to listen to. You can do this by clicking on the image in spreecast and click follow. Then you will get notification of upcoming  spreecasts. I make a habit of following everyone. You just never know who will be the next “star”.

Why would you use it?

1. It is a great way to educate yourself about business online. You can learn a lot, and be mentored by the leaders in the industry on a daily basis.

2. Branding: Showing up at the regular spreecast gets you noticed by your peers. Participate in chat and you brand yourself even more. Create your own spreecast and you really escalate the reach of your branding. And that opens up the benefits of networking with successful people. You just never know where those relationships will lead.

3. Getting beyond your comfort zone. Getting on video in fount of people is scary the first time. But if you’ve followed various spreecats you won’t feel like you are standing naked in front of strangers. And you soon overcome those monster fears, when you realize it’s just like talking to your friends over coffee (after a few broadcasts). There is nothing like jumping overboard to learn how to swim.

Okay now it’s you turn on the soap box.
See you on a spreecast soon.











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