Smoking the Himalayan Banana

Smoking the Himalayan Banana


Banana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Himalayan Banana is a rare piece of fruit. Seeing as most Banana plants can’t survive outside the tropics, they are very hard to find, some would say impossible. And if some one ever offers you one eat it don’t try to smoke it or better yet ask the seller what they are smoking.

Reality  doesn’t seem to slow the purveyors of nonsense down, otherwise they’d long ago left town.

I suppose it goes to show that P T Barnum is eternally right “a sucker is born every minute.”

You know the Himalayan Bananas of which I speak. of course.

Get Rich quick schemes.

Overnight success, another.

You-don’t-have-to-do-anything business opportunities. I’ve always wondered why that one is successful. If I don’t have to do anything why do you need me in the first place?

Work an hour a day and be rich forever.

There are more variations to this theme than Bach could ever compose.

They all claim you can find your dreams without work, without effort, without thought and without seed capital.

You don’t have to leave your comfort zone, or interrupt you “normal” quiet life.

All you have to do is smoke the Himalayan Banana.

The con man plays on your dreams and the human condition of laziness.

Treasure you dreams enough to work hard for them.

The way to success is through blood sweat and tears, but doing the work brings  happiness, joy,   exhilaration, pride and a whole range of higher emotions.

You don’t get that from instant wealth or lazy ass solutions.

Do the work.

It will make you rich.


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