One Hundred Thousand

One Hundred Thousand

For any online business to achieve the 100,000 member mark is significant . Click Track Profit achieved just that yesterday shortly after its 3 birthday celebration Badge Hunt.

Click Track Profit is a powerful training program that leads people through the steps to build a viable business online. This is done without any splashy, hyped promises or amazing earnings after only a few days of use. In fact CTP does something remarkably  against the grain. Instead of promises, you are told if you work hard, follow the training, do all the steps in sequence as laid out…eventual down the way a bit, 2 or 3 years or so, you will begin to see the results of your hard work.

CTP violates one of the laws of power outline in The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene, the law of power violated is Law 32 Play to People’s Fantasies. People would rather hear the fantasy than the truth by promising instant wealth without effort or hard work. That’s how much of the online business world plays it. Sell the fantasy that’s the easy path.

Not only did CTP violate the Laws of Power, they also changed the face of an industry by introducing gamification in the form of collector badges. People started to surf to collect the badges. The badges provide an element of fun as well as validation for the work done. Earning the top badges is not easy but people will stay up hours and hours to make a certain badge level. Add that to socialization of traffic exchanges though the use of chat windows and you have a  revolutionized  industry.

Of course there will be those that would say that CTP is at saturation point. That there isn’t much more room for growth. These are the same people who claimed that CTP would  never be a success or would never last. So while 100,000 members is no mean feat, that is still only about 25,000 more members than live in the closest large city to me Peterborough in Ontario.

CTP is available anywhere there is internet access, which these days excludes very few places on the planet.

Say the words unlimited potential.

How CTP will evolve over the next three years is anyone’s guess, but  be assured that CTP will be here for a long time, shaping and forming the new leaders in the industry.

Oh and back to the 32nd  law of power…on a larger scale perhaps they didn’t really violate the law after all.

Think about.



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