The Pigeon, The Eagle and CTP

The Pigeon, The Eagle and CTP

Mr Pigeon was up flying around surveying the nice little holding he had built up slowly over time. The fields below sprouted Traffic Exchanges and Safelists and some mailers and the ever green products where beginning to sprout as well. He even had a sprinkling of PTCs.  He felt quite satisfied with all that he had achieved. Each morning now there was a little something for food and he knew things would slowly improve as he worked to one plus things everyday.

But suddenly a big shadow cut off the sunlight. Panicked he folded his wings and drop down to a large oak tree on his domain. Before he could react a huge Eagle landed beside him on the same tree branch.

Mr Pigeon bobbed up and down nervously as the Eagle folded his wings and made himself comfortable.

“Not much to look at is it?” The Eagle asked.

“Pardon? I’ve worked hard for this.”

The Eagle chuckled, it sounded more of a screech to the Pigeon who carefully backed down the limb.

“Typical, small-minded, pigeon think. But look at you. What could you expect.”

Mr Pigeon cleared his throat not sure how to respond.

“I could build something five times as magnificent in only a couple of weeks, you know. ”

“Really,”  Mr Pigeon asked, interested despite himself.

“Oh sure. You’ve gone all about this the wrong way. You know what, why don’t I mentor you and show you how it should be done?”

Mr Pigeon shifted about on the branch. He didn’t want to offend such a big bird of prey. “Well I suppose we could give it a try.”

“Okay…tell you what…give me a week, and then …well fly up here with me and I will show you.”

They flew up into the sky together, though Mr Pigeon kept a discreet distance, just in case this was a trick.

“See over there, way over there by the river, that big old Green Ash tree?”

“Yes.” answered Mr Pigeon.

“Fly over and visit me in a week and see what I have wrought”

“Will do,” Mr Pigeon said and dropped quickly back down to his tree to get to work on building his business.

A week flew by an on the appointed day he reluctantly winged over to the Ash tree curious in spite of himself. He remembered the story his mum told him about how curiosity killed the cat, but he had a feeling it might all ready be too late to worry about that.

Mr Eagle greeted him profusely, his chest puffed up accompanied by that horrible screeching cackle.

“Oh you’ve got to see this, you will be amazed.”

The Eagle soared way up into the sky and Mr Pigeon struggled to keep up.

Sure enough the Eagle presented an amazing sight, of shiny full blooming fields of programs he’d never dared to try before. It all looked very impressive.

“How did you do this?” Mr Pigeon blurted out and hated himself for the smallness of his voice. A croak rather than a coo.

“Well I don’t have time for all that nonsense of yours. I thought big, got into all these amazing programs that offer fantastic results and look how they are paying off.”

“Nice,” commented Mr Pigeon a little enviously. “But…”

“Oh no, no, no, no but…you can see can’t you. Give me another week and come back then and I will outline the details of what I’ve done.”

Mr Pigeon flew off muttering to himself, wondering perhaps if he shouldn’t change course and copy the Eagle.

When the next week arrived Mr Pigeon was anxious to go see how the Eagle had done.

When he arrived the Eagle wasn’t as expansive in his greeting.

“We’ve had lots of growth this week, ” said the Eagle.

Mr Pigeon looked around nervously “Ahhh, what happened in that field over there, it looks all brown and… well dying.”

“Typical of a pigeon,” the Eagle commented. “Just a temporary set back, I’ve got this great new stuff to plant there. It’s revolutionary, ground floor stuff. You ought to try it.”

“Yes I suppose, ” said Mr Pigeon, more than a little nervous about the hungry glint in the Eagle’s eye.

“Perhaps, next week when I come back you can give me the URL’s.”

“Yes , yes, you’ll really be amazed by what you see  next week. How about you? How’s your ah, your little plot coming along.”

Mr Pigeon, didn’t care for the tone, but who was he to upset an Eagle.

“Well I did a little better this week than last.”

The Eagle screeched with laughter. “A little better, ” screech, screech , screech.

Mr Pigeon left quickly after that.

The week pass profitably for Mr Pigeon , though , admittedly, not hugely more profitable, but still he had a little more to eat this week. With great reluctance he took off to see what Mr Eagle had created during the week. He felt a little intimidated, afraid that the Eagle was really going to prove his point. He felt really uncomfortable about what he was doing, maybe there was a faster way.

Mr Pigeon, arrived at the Ash tree to find a rather disheveled Eagle with pin feathers sticking out in every which direction.

The Eagle stalked along the branch Mr Pigeon landed on. Mr Pigeon bobbed nervously and moved away.

“What’s happened,” Mr Pigeon asked, ready to take flight at any moment.

“Nothings happened, that’s what happened. Just a temporary set back that’s all. I didn’t invest in the right programs but this week a whole flurry of new product is coming out and I’m replanting all my fields with the latest technological advances, and never before seen programs, some you don’t even have to  work at .”

“But, ” Mr Pigeon swallowed hard, ” but your fields are all dried up.”

The Eagle puffed up his chest and fluffed up his feathers which to Mr Pigeon made him seem to grow to a fearsome size, though he did seem a little thin in the chest.

Mr Pigeon bobbed his head up and down rapidly, a sign of his distress.

“How be I come back next week I’m sure you will have recovered by then, especially with all those new programs you’ve talked about. I must get  those URLs from you next week.”

At which point Mr Pigeon took off not willing to hang around to be caught by those mighty angry claws.

Next week Mr Pigeon, scored a whole new field, the result of months of hard work and his kingdom grew just a little bit more. He often wondered how Mr Eagle was doing as the week rolled by.

Then on the fateful day Mr Pigeon, which great reluctance flew over to the Ash tree by the river to see all the wonderful things the Eagle had accomplished.

But when he arrived, he couldn’t find Mr Eagle even though he cooed and cooed.

Below him the land was dry and scorched and nothing seemed to have survived.

After looking around for a while, just before he decided to fly away, he saw something scratched into the tree trunk.

Mr Pigeon hopped down the branch, bobbing and cooing, curious to see what the scratching said.

Mr Pigeon put on his spectacles and read very carefully, his eagle was not very good.

The scratching said:

“Okay I’ll join CTP” signed Mr Eagle.







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