When You Close Your Eyes to Sleep, Close Them on Victory

When You Close Your Eyes to Sleep, Close Them on Victory

I’m all about inculcating daily habits…little daily habits.

Your daily habits don’t have to be the same as mine.

But there is a vast and powerful momentum  gained by using  small daily habits.

When you develop a series of small daily habits, you have something called a daily practice.

Your daily practice is your foundation to greatness.

What you practice everyday leads you to your own  championship cup.

All the great achievers of our time, of anytime, developed a daily practice suited to them and geared to their passion and their dreams.

Most people who do not have a daily practice make  excuses about time.

Not having time is the biggest lie we tell ourselves to excuse us from the work we need to do before all else.

The work of self.

The work of self starts from building a daily practice of little daily habits that build us up into giants of achievement.

One simple habit is to reflect on how you won today.

Buried in the frenetic goings on of your day is a win, an accomplishment, a little incremental trust toward a goal.

If we fail to stop for a short moment and think about how we won today, the avalanche of events will overwhelm us and hide our victories from us, until all we see is defeat.

Don’t let that happen to you.

The best time for this little habit is just before sleep.

Take a moment to find the wins in your life for the day. They are there. But if you don’t look you won’t see them.

When you close your eyes to sleep, close them on a victory, no matter how tiny, always drift off with a fresh victory in your mind.

Never sleep on defeat.

Search and find your win, and sleep on that instead.

One small habit, takes barely any time at all, but fosters an attitude of success that will swell each day until you know you are certain of victory; of getting to that big dream that always  seemed so far away.

That’s just one tiny habit.

What could a daily practice of those tiny habits bring?




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