How Do You Get Rid of a Snow Drift?

How Do You Get Rid of a Snow Drift?

I wanted to follow up on my last post: Read Here.

In that post I talked about doing five tiny goals a day.

To act in tiny steps.

Tiny steps are easier to complete in our everyday hectic lives.

But you don’t have to do five, you can to three, or even one, you still arrive at the end of the year with an amazing result.

Suppose you started a new blog today and you wanted to add 1,000 subscribers to your blog by the end of 2014.

That’s your big thinking, after all you are only just getting started.

Starting out from nothing to 1,ooo subscribers is overwhelming when you really thinking about it.

But if you put it into micro goals things start to seem doable.

As an example , if you break that goal down you are looking at attracting 3 new people a day.

Now you have a manageable goal to which you can set some tiny action steps to get you there.

They could be as simple as

1. Comment on 3 other related blogs a day.  Say that takes you 3o minutes. In a year that adds up to just over 1000 comments. And on the net they stay there forever. You just never know when someone will read one of your 1,000 comments and follow the link through to you, and subscribe to your blog. Small action big result.

2. Write a 300 to 500 word blog post on your topic once a day. Say that takes you a whole hour. I’m sure it won’t but lets give you the time. Putting content on  the blog will win you subscribers. If you did the minimum that’s shy of 110,ooo words in a year. Think of all the re-purposed material you can create from that. Small action big result.

3. Advertise your blog on relevant sites everyday. Say that takes you 30 minutes to seek out and post an ad. Even if you only post one ad a day, that’s 365 places your ad is shown through the year. Small action big result.

Or you could commit to building 3 new relationships each day, and see the viral effect of that action over a year.

So with two hours work, each day, you could achieve a very healthy subscriber base at the end of the year.

When you break the big picture, the big goals down, they become more manageable less overwhelming and therefore easier to create the consistent action that will guarantee your big results.

If you constantly struggle with the big goal of 1,000 subscribers, you will get worn out, and disappointed quickly.

And don’t forget your daily actions have a cumulative effect. You probably won’t hit your three a day, right out of the gate, but, your persistent consistency will pay off, and before long, as the weight of your daily actions pile up, you will start to over shoot your target and you will stay on goal.

The other thing that happens after you’ve worked with your daily plan, you will learn how to take quick corrective action when it seems like you won’t hit your goal. You’ll learn which levers to pull to produce the needed result.

Which brings me back to the question of this post.

How do you get rid of a snow drift? One shovelful at a time.

If you live in warmer chimes, you will just have to imagine shoveling the snow.

Big dream, small daily actions, big result.



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