My Big, Big Thing is Actually Very Small

My Big, Big Thing is Actually Very Small

By Nicholas Grimshawe.

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Sure I’m having some fun with the title.

I wanted to rope you in, get your attention for just a moment to get you to ponder doing something truly big this year by doing something small each day.

I don’t claim what I am about to tell you is my idea, it’s not. Robin Sharma sparked this current iteration .

See accomplishing great things, doesn’t mean you need to do great things, but do many little things that slowly build on each other.

In Robin Sharma’s example, he postulates that if you commit to accomplishing 5 small goals each day, 30 days a month ,for one year you will achieve 1800 goals for this year.

Stop and really think about that. No I mean stop and think about that.

What would your  year-end look like if you set and achieved 1800 small goals?


I could ream off a hundred examples of what someone could achieve by doing something small each day.

But it’s much more effective if you took up a pen and paper now, and created your own example,  because then the power of setting small goals becomes real.

Take a look at your business, and think of 5 small goals that would be easy for you to do today.

Then focus on those 5 goals and ignore all else until those 5 goals are done for the day.

Tell me that your business wouldn’t grow.

You see my big, big thing, I want you to understand, is think small to make big things happen.

It’s counter intuitive.

Do what your brain says is contrary to current wisdom.

When you do that, all the other things fall into place around you.

Think about it.

If you accomplished 1800 tiny goals this year would that not make you outstanding? You would certainly stand out in the crowd.

Would you not carry out many of your business goals?

Would you not feel good about yourself and feel more confident and daring?

Would you not become an expert in the process? And authority figure that people come to for help.

I keep wanting to give you examples, but that is not my goal here today. My goal is to inspire you to come up with your own examples, and get excited  through your own ingenuity and genus.

What big thing could you have at the end of this year, if you did those little things today, and tomorrow, and the day after that?

Little things, simple things, tiny things.

Big results, amazing achievements, huge wins.

I believe this with a deeply rooted passion. A passion driven by my purpose.

To inspire you to create a daily iron clad routine, that will bring out the greatness in you.

That’s why my big, big thing is actually very small.


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