Coolywigs (I had to add the word to my spell check dictionary since we aren’t in the future yet where the word is hugely popular), is my contribution to the English language. Long after I’m out riding light waves across the Milky Way, this word will still punctuating scintillating conversation.

Here is the Oxford Dictionary definition: Future Edition of course:

Coolywigs: noun , verb, adverb and adjective… can be use in all forms. Means absolutely anything. It has no specific definition. It is not derived from the Latin. However  cool, does imply a certain hesitant approval but the “y” transfers the intent to a more sarcastic tone, while wigs (except when they are the very best of quality) suggests a mote of scorn or derision. The word is best use as a stand alone comment. No other words are necessary when you use it as a comment. In that regard it is very efficient and succinct.

History: the word first appeared early 2014 AD when then Nicholas Grimshawe a then second rate blogger and minor business owner, first used the term as a comment in a Skype chat (see Wiki for information related to this 21 century curiosity). For the next few years the word languished in chat rooms on things called Traffic Exchanges and other antiquated advertising platforms. Then the word unexpectedly entered the common lexicon of the time after it was use as a very coarse swear word to avoid the puritanical censorship of the mid to late 21 century. Today it has reverted back to its more traditional roots as a word that can be use somewhat mystically to mean anything.

I hope this clears up any misunderstanding of the word “coolywigs”.

And so as a final comment.

Coolywigs to you.

Which you can take any way you want, and that is fine with me.



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