A Horrible Word Called “Reasonable”

A Horrible Word Called “Reasonable”

Reasonable is a seductive Siren sent to lure you to the shoals, there to shipwreck you on the rocks of complacency, mediocrity, and being average.

Beware of this word.

I noticed a couple of weeks ago a question in a forum from someone asking what a reasonable lever of customer service would be. Equally helpful people replied with suggestions of what a reasonable level of service would be. No one challenged the question, no one challenged the word reasonable.

Reasonable means what’s is the least I can do and get away with. Reasonable means lazy. Reasonable means safe. Reasonable means thinking small.

Roger Bannister¬† didn’t seek to achieve a reasonable time to run a mile. He chose an unreasonable time.

Kennedy didn’t seek a reasonable goal to challenge America, instead he called for an unreasonable goal of putting a man on the moon by 1969. His unreasonable dream inspired a nation.

It wasn’t reasonable for me to go out to walk ten kilometers this morning with winds gusting to 20 km and a wind chill of – 15. I could have been reasonable and stayed inside in the warm…but I got out there and I enjoyed the exhilaration of blustery winds moaning through the telephone wires and howling through the trees. I felt more alive than sitting by the fire feeling warm.

And I don’t have a big enough ego to believe I never do the reasonable. Reasonable is hard to escape at times. I fail more times that I would care to admit.

But my goals is the extra-ordinary… a beautiful word that is.

Make it your goal too.

But don’t judge, your extra-ordinary could be very ordinary to someone else.

Have to an extra-ordinary vision of yourself.

Don’t settle for reasonable, most to the planet does that.






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