Traffic Resources for November 2018

Traffic Resources for November 2018

Traffic Resources for November

This month I focused on sending traffic to Dual Squeeze a site I’ve been using for most of this year. I love the site because it is so easy to use and making fun splash pages is so simple.

Here is my current number one Landing Page for Dual Squeeze:

Dual Squeeze gig ad

I also just created this one:

Are You a Wrech Dual Squeeze

Top Producing Traffic Resources for November

I use mainly safelist and mailers to produce my results.  This past month 34 Safelists and Mailers produced my results for me.

Here are the top 8 converting traffic resources for November

Best List Mailer  #1 13 conversions
Trend Mails  #2  10 conversions
Hot List Mailer 6 conversions
List Impact 4 conversions
10X Mailer 4 conversions
Free Advertising for You  3 Conversions
Leased at Space 3 conversions
I used Trck.me to keep track of my results.

Traffic Resources for November

Screenshot of one of those tracking pages

I spend two to three hours a day sending traffic or collecting credits to send traffic. It’s that daily disciple that get the results.

Udimi Solo Ad Traffic Resources

I also used Udimi which is a paid solo ad provider.
You can buy as few or as many solo ads as you want.
This month I bought one ad, but it netted me 44 new subscribers from a $38 dollar ad.

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

Summary On Traffic Resources for November

Overall  I was pleased with my results this month.

I’m happy to get back to reporting my results since over the last three months as I experimented with different trackers I couldn’t generate consistent tracking results to bring you meaningful data.

Of course, your results will be different than mine but I am confident if you do the work every day, you will get a similar or even better resource.

One last word.

Using top converting mailers and safelists isn’t a favorites game.

It’s not about using the site you like to use, it’s about using the sites that get results.

That means you have a constantly evolving list of top converting sites. It doesn’t matter if you love the owner of the site or the way its structure or how many people tell you it’s awesome. If it is not getting conversions (sign-ups to your list ) then you need to bless it and let it go. You don’t have time to waste your most valuable resources, your time, on sites that don’t deliver.


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