The Spooktacular Launch of Learn With Nick

The Spooktacular Launch of Learn With Nick

Due to brilliant planning on my part (luck) I picked a launch date for my first ever membership site on the same day as the kick off of the Halloween Badge Hunt: Spooktacular .

Click the link to see the details. You need to be logged into CTP to see this.



As a result when you sign up at Learn with Nick  you will be able to claim my Spooktacular Badge: Hint…it’s a badge.

Also with the Launch we are running , not one…but two competitions.

I am offering $100 dollars to the  top referrer  from October 21 (today) to October 31 2013. If you have a sweet tooth think of all the discounted Halloween treats you can buy with that! (That’s known as an unethical bribe. Calories).

Our next competition is for the person who creates the best personalized Learn with Nick Splash page.  This competition runs from October 21 to October 31 as well. Rules for entry are posted at Learn with Nick under contests and promotions. The winner will receive a one month free upgrade at ADKreator.

We also have Badges!!! CTP Badges. Five of them!!!!!

Learn with Nick Badge Collection.


Which Brings me to a Very Special Announcement:

I am thrilled to let you know that Brenda Broyles is the first recipient of our Learn with Nick CTP Ambassador’s Badge.

See our Press Release by Clicking Here 


I urge you to join Learn with Nick…look around…kick the tires and such.

One last thing: the membership site is not complete, it will never be complete…as long as I’m still learning I will be passing that learning on to all the members.


Thank You.




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