Driving Traffic, The Good , the Bad and the Ugly.

Driving Traffic, The Good , the Bad and the Ugly.

What Kind of Traffic are Your Driving?

Driving traffic is both an art and a science.

But before I talk about traffic we need to look at one very important aspect of building your online business.

If you are not building your list, if you are not driving traffic to a lead capture page that captures a name and adds it to your list, then any of your efforts in driving traffic us inefficient at best.

Don’t waste your efforts and your traffic by sending prospects to a site, program or service if you don’t end up with that name on YOUR list.

Recent Hubspot research shows that driving traffic and getting leads is still the number one concern of business owners.

Report on top concerns of business owners

Now that we have that basic strategy in mind, let’s take a look at what traffic we are driving.


Junk Traffic

Junk traffic could simply be defined as traffic that converts at very low rates.

Many people starting out equate free traffic with junk traffic. Because many people who come to online marketing don’t have a lot of money to pay for traffic they gravitate to traffic sources they see as free. They don’t see the need to track their advertising to measure the success of what they do. That’s just another cost.

Junk Traffic

Source: How to Make Honest Money Online

The lack of understanding, lack of training, lack of tracking results, lack of using an autoresponder, leads people to send junk traffic to their affiliate sites on which they’ve pinned their hopes for success.

It’s important to distinguish between junk traffic and free traffic.

Some free traffic is junk traffic, it all depends on what action you take to measure your traffic and use only traffic sources that convert.

Traffic Exchanges are a prime example of junk traffic. And I have people I consider friends who own traffic exchanges.

However, my tracking and the tracking of many of my associates show that the amount of traffic needed to get one conversion is unsupportable.

To be sure, I went back to a traffic exchange while doing research for this article. A quick review showed that most of the sites advertise were for other traffic exchanges. That’s what the users of traffic exchanges want to see. So if you are serious about getting quality traffic to your lead capture page, traffic exchanges are not the way to go.

And I can’t tell you how many hours I sat at a computer mindlessly surfing for credits to get my own ads viewed.

Don’t learn the hard way!

Driving Traffic with Safelist and Mailers

Warning: If you promote your lead capture page through safelist and mailers without a strategy and good conversion tracking you are simply generating more junk traffic.

When using safelist and mailers it’s important that you find and use only high converting safelist and mailers.

I maintain a list called My Top 20 Converting Sites. The site included links to join the safelist or mailer or a place to sign in.

Click here to see My Top 20 Converting Sites.

Click here to see  How to Use Safelists and Mailers to Build Your Email List 

That said, you should use your own traffic so you can build a list like mine. While using my list is a good guideline many other factors, your niche, your ads, your lead capture pages could alter the conversion numbers.

Other sources of free traffic include social media like Facebook or Twitter or Instagram .

These are long-term strategies that require a daily schedule of posting. This type of traffic is often called organic traffic because it flows from people who see your posts and want to follow what you have to say.

The other aspect of working with social media is that it takes time to build an audience and a following.

The graph below shows you the best converting social media platforms.

social media conversion rates

Source: The Advertising Conversion Rates For Every Major Tech Platform


Having a social media strategy to help drive free traffic to your website or lead capture page is an important tool to develop.

Tip: Focus on one platform to begin.

Driving Traffic: Paid Traffic Options.

The option I’ve used the most are paid solo ads. These are relatively easy to find and safe to use because the sellers get their performance rated.

When you are buying solo ads you want to make sure to use only sources that show ratings.

Click here to read my article: How to Buy Paid Solo Ads with Confidence

Paid Traffic Sources

In the past, I’ve used Google Ads but found them pricey.

My next adventure in learning an advertising medium is with Bing Ads.

These are less expensive than Google ads but have been recommended to me by other marketers.

I will post here about my experiences.

I’m also looking at Facebook Lead Ads.

Finally, I’ve heard a lot about Instagram which I am researching now.

Regarding all that, I would suggest you start with paid solo ads where you can more easily control costs and see results without having to have a huge ad budget.



While using and buying junk traffic is cheap it won’t bring you quality leads.

If you want engaged subscribers and customers you need to invest both time and money when driving traffic to your lead capture pages and websites.

Free traffic, of course, is not free, it takes work and lots of tracking to make sure your free traffic is not junk traffic.

Organic traffic from social media takes time and patience.

Paid sources cost money and save time and get immediate results.

A good combination of free, organic, and paid will bring the best results over the long-term.

What form of traffic do you use? 

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