How to Personalize Almost Any Generic Landing Page

When you personalize landing pages you make a statement about yourself, help to brand your image, and build that important, know, like and trust equation.

You can emerge from the fog of sameness that your competitors are hiding in.


In affiliate marketing, you are often given landing pages to use to promote that program. These landing pages are created for everyone to use. In some cases there is an attempt to personalize them by added your name and your image to the landing page or splash page.

While taking advantage of that is better than the bland generic pages, you still experience that sense of being a copy cat. Your personalization looks the same as everyone else.

So how do you take that extra step and stand out?

It’s not as hard as it looks.

I wonder why more people don’t take the opportunity to separate from the crowd.

In this blog post I am using Dual Squeeze Page as my example but this can apply to many other generic pages out there.

Where there is a will there is a way.

Two Examples of Personalize Landing Pages.


Dual Squeeze Page is  high tech funnel used to build your list. It does a good job of allowing some personalization. You can use any back ground photo or video. There is a place to  write your own headline with 3 some headings. You also have some options with color.

However in the end, your page is still going to look like all the others in circulation. There is no way to add you image and your name.

Ah… well there is.

Here is a  the first way I personalize my landing page at Dual Squeeze.

It’s a quick workaround if you are in a rush and need something fast. But remember to go back when you have a minute to use a page you created.

I simply used a photo with my name a picture on it.


Now you can’t do this with every page you find it does work where you can’t upload a back ground picture.

Remember, where their’s a will there is a way.

The second method and the one I prefer is to use a Landing Page Designer

Here is a screen shot video I recorded to show you how you can use a landing page maker to create either a video lead in or a text lead in to the generic page. I use Landing Page Monkey here, but you can also use AdKreator  to so something similar.

I want you to see the magic of using the same background picture as the generic pages uses. This make it look like the natural progress of a landing page to the sign up box.

If you can’t use the same photo hunt for something similar or use similar colors to keep the transition from one to the other as smooth as possible.

In these examples you aren’t making a stand alone landing page with your own sign up box. You link your personalize page to the generic page where they enter their personal info.


You can do something similar using Adkreator . If you can’t use the same background picture,  use the same colors, include a video and a good headline and a link that takes them to the sign up form.
I Get It.
I know in the heat of the moment it is easy to just run with the generic page. However, in the long run creating your own personalize landing pages will pay you big dividends.
If you don’t have time to create your own landing page, make a note to come back as soon as possible and create your own.
Emerge from the fog, and start to stand out.
What is your biggest challenge with creating your own landing pages? 
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