Quietly Build a Down-line On Auto Pilot Using this Sleeper TE

Easy Hits 4 U is often held up as the standard for building a downline on automatic pilot. By getting a premium membership you receive one or two new random referrals to your downline each month. I’m not sure how long I’ve been a premium member there but it is true that my downline has slowly been growing without any effort on my part. Not only that but over time, the number of credits I receive because of the activity in my downline increases steadily. Now I don’t have to buy credits there anymore, unless I’m running a big promotion.

EH4U shot


That all great, and I recommend you get on board with this if you can see the long term view. You need to see the long term view, this isn’t instant coffee.

However I have another site that does just as well with even less investment. I can’t remember how long ago I bought a Lifetime upgrade at WebBizInsider . This ranks as one of my all time best buys. Slowly it’s been running and building a downline for me. Sometimes I’ve forgotten about it… which isn’t a good thing… but it’s continued to build a downline for me, supplied me with enough credits that I constantly have ads in rotation at this TE and provides me with Banner and Text ad credits that are pretty much set and forget. Again you need to be a premium member, and again you need to take the long term view. Here is what my dashboard looked like this morning when I took this screen shot.

Webinsider downline.

As you can see I have a nice little downline of 457 and I get new downline members added every month. I also get to email the list once a week, and like Easy Hits you can add a nice credit incentive to get your downline to open your mail. Once you sign up keep your eyes open for the lifetime offer.

Here is what’s included in the Premium membership;

Premium Memberships Include:

– 5 Instant Downline Members Every Month!
– 2,880 Traffic Credits Spread Over Each Month!
– 10,000 Banner Credits Per Month
– Double Surfing Credits (2 Credits for Each Site Viewed)
– Random Bonus Credits Assigned Each Month
– Priority Hits Delivery to Your Site
– Rotation on the Top 50 Traffic Exchanges on the Web
– Email All 6 Levels of Your Downline


What do I promote to my down-line here and at Easy Hits?…why my list of course.

You can’t go wrong invoking this strategy because it grows over time and every month you get 4 new referrals  for you to send your offers to.


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Jenelle Pineau runs a great feature at her blog every Tuesday called Tuesday’s Talk with a member of our community. This past week it was Lynn M. It’s a really good interview, and I’m really shocked that more people didn’t comment on the article. When someone goes out of their way to offer such a great feature is almost rude not to comment. Here is the link. If you follow it please leave a comment.


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