How to Use the Rule of Seven to Ramp Up Your List Building

List building is your biggest priority if your list of subscribers is under 2,000 members. Many new entrepreneurs fail to embrace list building because they don’t understand a basic marketing rule: The Rule of Seven.

The rule of seven simply states: That the prospective buyer should hear or see the marketing message at least seven times before they buy it from you.

In terms of list building, you can reword that to: The prospective subscriber should hear or see your marketing message at least seven times before they subscribe to your list.

Many people new to building their own businesses often fail to grasps this important rule. They give up after two or three attempts to get prospective customers to sign up to their list.

Keep the rule of seven in mind as you build your list will make a huge difference in your results.

Here are my ideas of why and how to make sure your marketing incorporates ways to touch your prospect again and again.

Cutting Through The Advertising Explosion

Advertising clutterWalker-Smith President of the Marketing Firm Yankelovich says, “we’ve gone from being exposed to about 500 ads a day back in the 1970’s to as many as 5,000 a day today.” (Source: Cutting Through The Advertising Clutter)

The primary rule of building a business online is all about list building. With everyone engaged in that activity imagine the challenges to penetrate that wall of noise.

That’s why photo, name (branding) and consistent use of repetitive marketing are elements critical to your success.

Focus on getting one clear and consistent message across to your prospects.

I’ve used the same program to capture subscribers to my list for well over 5 months.

I use a series of different lead capture pages emphasizing the same message over and over again.

That’s why consistent daily action is critical.

Timing is Everything In Your List Building Efforts

The right time.

Ego says, “No problem, you are obviously the most attractive voice out there. People will flock to your message.”

The truth is you are sorting through all those prospects looking for the ones who are ready for your message.

Take a prospective subscriber Lucy. She wants to build a business online. She is currently researching what that business might be and what the startup process is like. During her searching online she sees your offer and thinks it might be one way to go. But she is still doing research so she isn’t ready to act and signup right now.

As hard as it is for the ego to fathom not everyone is looking for your solution when they see your ad. No matter how well you worded the text. No matter how brilliant the design. People won’t act if they aren’t ready.

A couple of more weeks go by. You’ve been sending out that same message every day. Lucy sees you add again. This time she actually stops to read the ad. But she’s in a rush to get to work and doesn’t have time to fill out your form.

You persist. Lucy sees your ad three more times over the course of another week. She’s noted your name and now remembers what you look like. Now when she sees your ad there is also a recognition factor coming into play.

Then two months after Lucy starts to see your ad, she finally bits and fills out your form. You’ve finally broken through the noise.

If you had given up after two or three tries, Lucy would never end up on your list.

You can never judge how long it will take for someone to respond to your ad. You just have to keep putting out there, so the day they are ready to sign up they see your ad.

Use More Than One Method

Diverse PlatformsThinking about the various ways you can make contact with your prospect. As long as your message, image, and name stay consistent using other marketing platforms to carry your message could mean more touch points.

Take Lucy a prospect for our list. Her research into what business or product she wants to use to grow her business takes here all over the internet.

She checks out Facebook for more information and discovers your Facebook Page with more information about what you do. She does a Google search and finds a blog post you’ve written on her keyword search. From the blog, she notices several other articles you’ve written about the same subject. Then she sees once again your ad with your sign up form on Twitter.

On Youtube she runs across your video review of a product she is considering.

My suggestion is to take one method, like using safelists and mailers and learning hows best to use that media. Then branch out and try other forms. Content marketing in the form of a blog is an excellent place to start. As you learn slowly expand your reach through other platforms.

Automate Your Process as Much as Possible.

Schedule itFirst off, what you don’t schedule doesn’t get done, so scheduling your various list building activities is a key factor to your success.

Click the photo to watch this short video on the importance of scheduling.

Taking advantage to programs like Hootsuite for social media which is free to use that automate some your posting.

Using Ad Blasters can be beneficial as well if you are using Safelists and Mailers. Programs like

Referral Frenzy or Traffic Zipper

The most important part of automation is to make sure you are doing the work every day to keep your message infront of your prospects on a daily bases so you can take advantage of the rule of seven.

What processes do you use to make sure you are reaching out to your potential prospects every day?

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