Sherlock Holmes’ Tips on Branding

From our modern vantage point we are not likely to see the great consulting detective Sherlock Holmes as a brilliant example of branding.

Yet think about it for a moment.

When you think of Sherlock Holmes what immediately comes to mind? What picture pops into your head?

Perhaps something like this.


You see in your mind the picture of Sherlock Holmes complete with his deerstalker hat, his pipe, his tweed overcoat with attached cape and his always present magnifying glass.

Sidney Paget ,  the illustrator for the original Sherlock Holmes stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,  brought the detective to life for 19th century audiences.

The sketches he created for the stories published in The Strand Magazine became so iconic that even today, with all the modern reincarnations of Sherlock Holmes, those images still hold sway.

That’s good branding.

When your name conjures up an image of what you are about in the mind of your potential customer, your branding is a success.

I’ve included this PDF download of two  fun branding exercises to help you understand how you relate to a brand and what elements of a brand stands out for you.

Click  the download image below to get your worksheet of Two Branding Exercises to Help You Improve Your Branding

Don’t skip this step. Go do the exercise then come back here to finish reading the article.

More Branding Tips


I talked about logo in my post on branding  two weeks ago:

Use These Four Basic Laws of Branding To Rocket Your Business Online

However,  I want to flesh out how to use your logo in an over all design. It really helps if you completed the exercise above before moving forward.

One aspect of logo design is color.

When you start to consider your logo it’s best to take some time and look at the logo’s from some of the top-tier internet marketers websites to get an idea of how the logo and color relate.

What colors and combinations do you like the most?

When I did this exercise I viewed at least 20 websites from well-known marketers. I saw some really good examples of what appealed to me and I saw examples I emphatically disliked.

The exercise gave me a clear picture of the logos I liked and wanted to emulate.

I liked many website done predominately in blue but also liked green. Many websites I visited used a blue overlay over the images they selected.

Fiverr , as I mentioned in the last article, is a great place to find graphic artists to take your design idea and create a logo for you. Quite often you will get a choice of three designs to choose from .  You can then ask for tweaks on the design you select.

Here is what my logo  looks like, incorporating the two colors I wanted in my design .

Notice I used my domain name something I suggest you buy. It’s not expensive. You also receive the authority a .com domain.

I also kept the design simple and clean.

You want to use the design on webpages, landing pages and more, so a compact design works well.


Using Your Logo

In the last article I gave an example of a landing page using my logo.

If you downloaded my branding exercise you also saw another use.

This is a report template that I use for all the reports I create.

I chose a background image with a blue overlay which matched  my logo.

With consistent use when I create reports and exercises this helps to reinforce my brand.

At this point my blog isn’t integrated with my logo and color. That’s a work in progress.

Having my blog also reflect this theme will add impact to my branding work.

Use your logo design in all areas of your business, including business cards, letter head, and in email marketing if possible.


Nothing helps build your brand faster than using video.

Branding through video is a huge topic. I just give you the key suggestion here.

Do it. 

The face recognition is priceless branding.

Plus you rapidly build up a library of content you can use to extent your brand’s reach, create lead magnet reports and even courses.

Each small step creates huge rewards down the road.

I know . I’ve heard all the “why I can’ts” . As long as you hold that mindset you can’t do video.

Does your reason why you can’t stand up to this?


Does your reason WHY you work in this internet marketing niche, take you beyond fear?

You can’t get good at doing video until you record one, then another then another.

Sign-Off Signature.

I went through many iterations of this branding idea before I found the one that worked best for me. 

This is how you close your videos, your emails, and any where else you need a closing.

After a lot of trial and error I came up with this, which is really part of my branding, my mission, and my core values.

You’ve seen it if you’ve watched any of my videos or read any of my emails.

“Dream Big, Live Inspired”

You need to develop a unique to you sign off.

Be prepare for a journey with lots of trial and error. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

I can’t remember when I finally stumbled upon those four words, but the moment I did, I knew they were perfect for my brand.

I record video and do workshops about dream building , goal setting and dreaming big . That’s one of my passions.

Succinctly put, my mission is to “inspire others”.

Those four words are perfect for my branding.

Here is an example of a very famous sign-off

What is your unique sign-off?

There is a lot more to branding.

I will create more post on  this subject.

Meanwhile go back to that image of Sherlock Holmes so clearly etched in most or our minds.

The things that define Mr Holmes’ image are the clothing he wears and some iconic accessories.

His deerstalker hat, his tweed coat and cape, and his pipe and magnifying glass.

If you treat your branding as your unique form of dress when you go out into the world so, at a glance, someone can point to you and declare,  ‘there goes (fill in the blank)”, you will find success.


Dream Big, Live Inspired,


Nick Grimshawe





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