Standing in the Chocolate Bar Minding My Own Business When…

You might think I’m reaching with this interpretation of my dream but it makes for the perfect set up for this deliciously un-perfect but awesome little program from Andrew Stark that will get you started with list building in an easy simple, inexpensive fashion, cause Andrew shows you how to set up with easy step by step videos. So if you think you need to spend big money on that fancy shiny program on list building….try this first. Take a nibble, I promise I won’t glare at you.

Andrew's list building

I’d love to get your feed back and I’ll pay you 500XP to give me that feedback, just include you CTP username in the comment.


Keep Learning, I am,






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  • You really hit home with me Nick. Always looking for the PERFECT program just doesn’t work and in fact caused me for years to perform slot machine marketing and jump from here to there and only end up frustrated.

    The ego or as I sometimes refer to him/her as the BABBLER is always there with some negative comment or suggestion so I do my best to ignore and replace with positive thoughts and use imagery of success to replace it.

    Way to lead me into the list building with your video…Love it! IT is true that size isn’t everything but quality is! 🙂 I’m always learning and ready to let the bad habits of list building go.

  • Thanks Douglas, you’re the first to comment on what was an experiment, and I have to say, it’s working very well. I’ve sent you 1000 XP just because you beat every one else. I’m glad you like the video. You never know how something will be viewed…LOL.


  • Hi Nick,

    I think this post and the promotion puts you top of the graduation class.

    Sitting down and taking the action you need is a tough job, you need to get over the dips where you press send and get nothing to experience the joy of making hundreds of dollars just by pressing send.

    I think your video is perfect summary of me, I’m a real rough diamond rather than the finished polished item as I’m not a perfectionist and never will be.

    Thanks for being awesome and making me smile a lot.

    Andrew Stark recently posted…More Important Than Your Smartphone?My Profile

  • Thanks for your comments. I would never say you are a real rough diamond Andrew, LOL. Your simple course taught me about low cost ways to set up a way to build my list.


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