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I remember all those years ago when I first saw his name pop up on my email list for Beautiful Summer Morning Newsletter. The newsletter was very small, just getting started and only a few people subscribed. Jitendra Kumar Biswal subscribed and then made a few comments on my posts. His encouragement kept me going. We friended each other on Facebook, and eventually we talked via Skype. We talked back and forth a few times, and we’ve always stayed in touch. As we learned more about each other I became very aware that Jitendra was one of those people who naturally dreamed big. He often talked about setting up community spiritual communities all over the world, and his original ideas for that reside in a folder on my computer to this day.

I’ve watch as this man has move progressively forward in his dream, I’ve celebrated some of his successes along the way, but nothing compares to his accomplishments recently when he became the first quadriplegic actor, at least in the Indian film world. He plays himself in a true story about love. I’ve included the trailer here for you to watch. It has over 100,000 views on YouTube.

When ever I think I can’t do something I think of Jitendra and take courage and inspiration from him.

We been friends now for over ten years. I have a standing invitation to visit him at his home in India should I ever venture in that direction.

We were drawn together by social media, and his strength and courage constantly remind me to dream big.

I could have told the story of another friend in Uganda, or this brilliant artist who I’m friends with in New Zealand, or the people I’ve meet through social media that have become friends, coaches, and mentors. Social media are changing the face of the world. Facebook is the third largest nation on earth. I don’t need to cross a border, or carry a passport to chat with them. Those artificialities continue to loose power in our new connected world.

I am sure that you have a story of a friendship or relationship to share with all our readers here. It could be a business or personal relationship.  Use the comment section below to tell your story about how social media has help you make that special connection or inspired your business.

I’m really looking forward to your story.



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  • Inspiring story, Nick.

    I don’t have any such dramatic connections via social media, but I do have friends that I have met on social media and got along with so well that we ended up meeting in person.

    One time, they were driving up to Oregon from a meeting in Southern California and we met for coffee at a Starbucks along their way home (about 1/2 hour from where I live). That was awesome.

    I have other friends that I have chatted with for (literally) years and never met in person.

    I also keep in touch with former co-workers who have moved out of state and us social media to keep up with family that live out of the area.

    For someone who works too much during the day and has limited time and energy at night to go places, social media is a great way to keep in touch.

  • What and inspiring story I am so glad you have shared it. Over my years online I have met many people who I call my friends life would not be the same without them. One of my good friends is a man over 80 that lives in australia . I think social media has helped us to connect with people we may have never met.
    My ctp user name is kerrif

  • When I entered for the first time on the internet, my son explained to me about virtual friends. But I have to say that friends are your friends anywhere in the world. Social networks are for, to cancel distances. I’ve known different people with their stories. I remember about one of them who had an incurable disease and was in need of encouragement every day, then about a old lady cazata Lady in a nursing home for the elderly, she said that will not sustain the atmosphere out there and wants to talk. Everyone must realize that these stories help us and we can do better! A great day to all! My CTP username is cip116 and thank you.

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