Success Habits that Stick: Book Review

As I mention in the video I obtained this books through one of those deals where you only have to pay for handling. I’ve found some really good books that way.

I don’t think that deal is available anymore but you can still buy the book through this link (see note below) Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi.



Quotes From the Book I Enjoyed

I created a video around this:

“Imagine it’s one year from today and when looking back over the past year, you realize that it was the best year of your life. What does that look like to you?” 

The video I called  Backward Goal Setting

 “We’re taught to point inside the lines because when we step outside the lines everybody looks  at us funny.”

Ever get the feeling that’s happening to you? If not, it’s time to step outside the lines.

Long before I read this book, I created a video series called. “Getting Out Between the Lines”

Here is one of those shows: The World You Knew When You Went to Bed Last Night

“We were raised to think that failure is bad. But truthfully, failure is the corner stone of success.”

“If you want a next level business that thrives in today’s environment, remember: when it comes to clients, be in the relationship business, not the transaction business.” 

Finally I rate a book by its ability to generate new ideas for me to use and reshape as my content. The video Backward Goal Setting is only one of the many ideas I received reading this book and then shared either here or on my Facebook pages. I give it a 4 out of 5.

I hope this book inspires new ideas for you to.


Nick Grimshawe

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  • Nick is a great video commentator. I like his views on everything he talks about.

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